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Alternative to bread

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espa Tue 11-Aug-15 12:03:49

When I lost weight a few years ago (combination of sensible eating, a bit of calorie counting and exercise) for a while I cut out bread (and cakes/treats) during the week, as I felt I ate a lot of it and it was contributing to weight gain. Through a combination of injury and pregnancy for the best part of 3 years I need to lose all that weight again although I'm finding it tough with baby DD to get the time, especially when I am still going through some rehab for my injury.

Anyway, I seem to have gone off on a tangent a bit. I've found myself eating a lot of bread again, particularly toast at lunch as DD loves it so I tend just to have some with jam/philadelphia while feeding her as it's easy. What could I have instead of bread in a similar snacky vein? I sometimes have melba toast or pate and oatcakes but tend to get a bit bored of it after a while. Suggestions welcome!

MameMarema Tue 11-Aug-15 15:35:52

I love kallo rice cakes, ryvita crispbreads

kallo blueberry and vanilla rice cakes are bloody awesome!

espa Tue 11-Aug-15 17:20:57

Do they taste better than baby rice cakes? I've never been much of a fan of them!

simplydivine05 Thu 03-Sep-15 22:20:08

I too have not been eating much bread as it makes me bloated although white is the worst. I like ryvitas, but not the plain ones. There's all sorts of topping ideas on their website. Some days I don't have any carbs at lunch and just have plenty of protein to keep me filled up.

SlowlyGoingINSAINIA Thu 03-Sep-15 22:24:22

Have you tried making whoopsie bread? Its high protein and low carb. No flour is used.

Mrsmoneyworries Fri 04-Sep-15 12:05:20

I'm a VERY fussy eater and can only eat the basic ryvita crispbread things. I take it this is better than bread.

And is wholemeal bread better than white?

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