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Lost 6lbs fast by cutting calories but now I'm stuck!

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Flingmoo Fri 07-Aug-15 08:39:06

Went from eating about 2000+ calories a day, an unhealthy amount of chocolate and snacks, to 1250 a day using MFP. Only the very occasional unhealthy snack now, e.g. two small squares of chocolate instead of an entire 200g Galaxy Bar! Cut down on carbs slightly but not much.

Lost 6lbs really quickly, no visible difference to my body although I feel less bloated now I'm not overeating.

After about 4 weeks on the diet now I seem to be stuck. I only weigh 8st9lb now, I'm 5'3" so I know it's a healthy weight but I'd like to be slightly less. I want to fit into my old clothes instead of buying new ones!

Any ideas? Should I be eating more calories or fewer?

Tucktalking Fri 07-Aug-15 17:21:22

I think it is not only diet which you should be looking at. I remember loosing weight some years ago and I had to practice a combination of healthy eating and exercising too. The exercising helps to build muscle which will give you a leaner look and enable you to fit into smaller clothes. What I realised is that once you start eating healthy and exercise, you need to stick to the habit or else you gain back all the lost weight. I gained back my weight after pregnancy and am now heavier than what I ever was.
keeping the weight off also means healthy eating as in low calorie foods like fruits, boiled vegs and lots of water to help you keep healthy.
Sweet potatoes and negative calorie foods are helpful as well.
Swimming is a good way to exercise, relax, enjoy yourself and burn off a decent amount of calories while building muscle at the same time. Three times a week, for an hour worked for me. Unfortunately the pool near home closed for renovation. Look to join again in November.
The swimming helped me feel much more energised. My body was slimming nicely. I fit into my older clothes which were just lying about in the cupboard.
Reading a lot online on weight loss tricks and topics on healthy foods helps you stay motivated.
Good luck.

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