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everyday sweet treat with almost no calories

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LindsayDavis Wed 03-Jun-15 07:48:16

i struggle with sugar for two reasons... I can't resist having something sweet in the evening after a long day and I find it really hard to tell the kids that they have to have fruit for pudding. They always want ice cream. Anyway, if you are anything like me you will probably be grateful for the new no sugar, low calorie ice cream I buy at Waitrose. I eat it almost every day and I don't feel guilty at all. Has anyone else tried anything similar? I'm yet to find something so delicious & guilt-free, but I'm worried the kids will eventually get bored of this option!

Vanimal Wed 03-Jun-15 07:49:56

I am struggling with the need for something sweet as well but am going to try to have fruit everyday. At aged 40 with a family history of diabetes I have to start behaving now sad

SomewhereIBelong Wed 03-Jun-15 07:51:08

Sugar free jelly pots here... And no pud/sweet treat most days.

Grumpyoldbiddy Wed 03-Jun-15 07:54:40

I bought some cranberry and coconut mini crispbreads from aldi. Not too sweet so they also wean you off but sweet enough to hit the craving.

WhatsGoingOnEh Wed 03-Jun-15 07:55:39

Mini Milk ice lollies -- under 35 calories each!

WhatsGoingOnEh Wed 03-Jun-15 07:56:30

Or a Flake from a box (the smaller ones for putting in ice-cream cones) are just 45 calories each, and make you feel you're eating a whole chocolate bar.

sebsmummy1 Wed 03-Jun-15 07:59:40

Meringue nest and fruit with 0% fat Greek yogurt.

sebsmummy1 Wed 03-Jun-15 08:00:40

If it's just the sweet fix then a very low cal hot chocolate might do it before bed.

SwearyGodmother Wed 03-Jun-15 08:03:09

Another vote for sugar free jelly pots. I don't think they're food at all but they hit a sweet craving for between 2 and 9 calories!

LindsayDavis Wed 03-Jun-15 08:03:17

Vanimal .. Try the ice cream I mentioned. I just checked and it is only 49 cals per scoop. Oppo ice cream. Not sure where else it is stocked. Definitely agree fruit is the way forward but for me it sometimes just doesn't hit the spot and I need something really sweet and yummy

MrsBertMacklin Wed 03-Jun-15 08:07:37

Lindsay are you doing stealth PR for Oppo?

LindsayDavis Wed 03-Jun-15 08:11:51

Lol very funny MrsBertMacklin! :-) you know what it's like when you find something that seems to work!

WhatsGoingOnEh Wed 03-Jun-15 10:01:36

I second that stealth-PR suspicion. ;-)

LindsayDavis Wed 03-Jun-15 10:15:59

I haven't come across the sugar-fee jelly pots. Do you know how they make them sweet? Trying to avoid aspartame... Difficult as it seems to be in chewing gum and all diet fizzy drinks. Will try them out.

LindsayDavis Wed 03-Jun-15 10:16:56

Sad that when you champion a new product the assumption is you must be employed by the company.

SomewhereIBelong Wed 03-Jun-15 10:20:38

they do contain aspartame, but miniscule amounts. I buy the powder which makes up 5 of the size pots I like.

Bannerstaying Wed 03-Jun-15 10:27:24

No hope for me the ice cream at 49 cals a scoop is too much would rather opt for a choc flake but stoping at one is a major problem!

LindsayDavis Wed 03-Jun-15 14:48:00

Where do you buy they powder SomewhereIBelong? I can only find alcoholic jelly shots! Good for me but less good for the kids!

nottheOP Wed 03-Jun-15 14:55:06

Just one square, and then ask someone to hide it from you...

nottheOP Wed 03-Jun-15 14:56:04

Mini fabs are only 79 calories, quite a few of the small ice creams are.

PattiODoors Wed 03-Jun-15 14:59:00

All I am sayin' is Haliborange Kills Otters. Google it.

SomewhereIBelong Wed 03-Jun-15 15:04:35

Hi OP - I get them from Tesco - Hartley's sugar free jelly sachets - 2 joined together, each makes a pint.

simplydevine05 Thu 04-Jun-15 16:22:27

As daft as it sounds, I buy a big bar of Dairy Milk. One square has 27kcals. How many squares I get depends on my eating for the day. Sometimes I only have one, sometimes five. I find that a good qualoty but small hit of chocolate deals with my sweet tooth but it requires willpower to only have a bit. I also like greek yogurt (not greek "style") with honey or if I'm desperate but not got many calories left I have an options hot choc.

kslatts Sun 07-Jun-15 08:04:33

I always have a stock of no added sugar Jelly Pots, they have approx. 6 calories in each.

Imsolonesomeicouldcry Wed 10-Jun-15 19:28:40

I just tried an instant strawberry ice cream recipe that i found on pinterest.You whizz up in a food processor 4 cups of frozen strawberries,1/2 cup of low fat yoghurt,3Tbsp of agave syrup or honey and 1Tbsp of lemon juice.
Whizz for 5 minutes,eat or freeze.

It's really quite nice smile

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