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Help me to get back in control!

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Missiontobehealthy Sat 30-May-15 14:14:48

Hi, I have name changed for this due to embarrassment blush
3 years ago I was a healthy size 10, im 5ft 9 and weighed 11 stone. 3 years and 2 babies later I now weigh a very unhealthy 15 stone 10 (hurts my eyes to read that!) and a size 16, if not 18 in some shops.
I have completely lost my way with food. I binge on anything sweet and usually processed and can only seem to last a couple of days on a diet before I give up.
I used to be so healthy and conscious of what I would eat that I'm disgusted at what I've become.
I'm lazy and do no excersise and I constantly make excuses as to why I am the way I am!
So basically, I want to know if anyone else has been where I am and managed to turn their lives round again and if so, where do I even start? (That must sound so silly blush )

Ch02 Sun 31-May-15 08:54:30


I was exactly as you describe, lazy, eating junk food and constantly making excuses for my size. I've tried every diet and again like you (and I'm sure many others) have slipped back to my old ways within days.

I would love to say I've changed it all around and offer you advice on how but unfortunately I can't. However, what I hope I can do is push you into doing something about it.

I'm 38 years old, my children are 10 & 12 and when I married, 13 years ago, I was 8 stone. I now weigh 19 stone!

Everything about my body hurts, I don't like the way I look and a lot of my confidence has disappeared.

I love life and I am determined to shed my unwanted weight (the job dose seem huge now, but I will succeed) and live a more active life.

Dieting (for me) is far to hard so I've just opt for healthy foods. We've brought bikes (for the family) in a bid to become more active and we regularly go swimming (embarrassing)blush I know it's going to take sometime to make a difference but at least I'm altering the scales in the right direction.

I wish someone had stopped me in my tracks 3-4 stone ago. I really hope that I've given you the gentle nudge, before you become 'me' (it can happen before you realise).

Good luck, go get slim, deep down you know you can do it wink

Ch02 Sun 31-May-15 09:41:56

Does not dose! (It's early, Sunday morning)

EmilyCHN Sun 31-May-15 09:47:53

This could be me OP. I'm taking it in small steps.. This morning 98.9kg..Is it worth doing a weight tracker thread on MN so everyone can see how you're getting on? A bit like a fitness pal type thing? You could write your weight and how much you've lost once a week? Theres prob a thread like this already so forgive me if this is not a completely novel idea.. It's still before 10am on a Sunday and I was up 6x in the night feeding! (3m old not myself however fridge raids at night v v tempting!) good luck with weight loss op! You can do it!!

Ishoos Thu 04-Jun-15 12:09:30

You sound like you've taken the first step... You want to change. I've (so far) lost 63lbs making small changes. I've got a Fitbit and now walk 10k steps most days. I've given up diet coke and now drink fizzy water, and health eat (track on mfp) most days. Oven ever been able to stick to a this isn't one! Good luck

Ishoos Thu 04-Jun-15 12:09:51

Oven ever? Never!

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