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How do you keep it going?

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mazagal Fri 01-May-15 17:23:18

I'm struggling to stay motivated with calorie counting. Lost half a stone in a month using mfp but I can feel myself slipping. I would really appreciate tips on staying motivated. I'm not hungry, just really really want to eat a LOT of chocolate, cake and pizza. please help!

justcallmethefixer Fri 01-May-15 22:07:34

Have a day/evening off, then back to it next day, this is how life is going to be.
It's not the occasional high cal day that causes weight gain, it's a continued thing.
I lost. Nearly 5 stone and have kept it off for 3 years by allowing myself to have the occasional day 'off plan'
It's all about balance over a week/month as once the weight is off you want to keep it off and the only way to do that is to find a way of eating that allows you to feel 'normal' and to me that means being able to eat what I like but with consideration to the overall balance.
It is not realistic to think I will never eat chocolate/crisps/cake again, but it is realistic to think I can enjoy them on occasion

mazagal Sun 03-May-15 22:34:39

thanks fixer I have taken your advice! I had a night off and tried to view it as practice for getting back on the wagon afterwards. so far so good! I am well within my limit for the day and motivation has returned. phew! I feel loads better and glad that I could keep a lid on it smile

FadedRed123 Sun 03-May-15 22:49:29

Agree with previous post. I had a meal a week as 'off calorie count treat', set time goals rather than weight loss goals, e.g. If you have holiday in eight weeks then be good until then and eat what you like when on hol. I found that what I choose for the 'Treat' got more sensible as time passed, yet I still enjoyed my treats.
Have low calorie stuff available for when you get fed up (e.g. Supermarket own brand fruit flavoured ice lollies which are about 30 calories, frozen diet yogurts, big Jaffa oranges, rich tea biscuits) and just don't have nice biscuits, crisps and cake and similar in the house.
Sit at table to eat, no books, no TV. Put knife and fork down between mouthful. Leave something on the plate. Put leftovers in the bin immediately.
Remember food is wasted if it goes down your throat and you don't need it, just as much as if you put it in the bin.
I was size 18 and going up, but have been size 12 for past 30 years.
You can do it. smile and it DOES get easier.

justcallmethefixer Sun 03-May-15 22:55:41

Glad you feel better mazagal, as much as I hate to trot out lines, it is a lifestyle change we are making and a life without the occasional chocolate/crisps/cake/wine isn't one I could stick with

mazagal Mon 04-May-15 22:15:34

frozen ice lollies is a great idea, thanks fadedred! I'm a tall size 18 now so there's hope for me yet! today has been tricky. I think it will be easier with the bank holiday out of the way now. I need to re-establish a routine. as you say, it's a life long change but getting into a rhythm is the hard part. determined not to give up entirely. thanks for the support ladies xxx

Belindabelle Tue 05-May-15 11:01:01

I have just started calorie counting after years of trying to do low carb. I allow myself a set amount of calories per week rather than per day. That way I can have days off plan without totally blowing it.

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