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MFP how are people finding 1200 cals?

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PumpkinPie2013 Sat 31-May-14 10:40:03

I started on Thursday. I'm just under 5ft 3in and currently weigh 9st 10lb.

Pre pregnancy I was 8st 7lb so would like to shift a stone or just over.

I'm finding the tracker really good.

Came in at just under 1200 calories yesterday but felt quite satisfied.

Aiming for 1200 again today. Used 254 at breakfast on 2 boiled eggs, 1 small slice bread and a cup of tea (no sugar and just a bit of skimmed milk).

Drinking water to try and resist the urge to snack but finding it quite hard!

I tend to do a walk with ds in the pram each day and am doing some sit ups/squats to tone tummy and thighs.

I hope this works!!

Misfitless Sat 31-May-14 21:52:23

This sounds achievable to me. I have a load of weight to lose so might give this a try.

What is MFP, and what's the tracker, please, Pumpkin?

PS I have so far joined the 5:2 thread and then the slimming world thread, but my head just hasn't been in the right place, so I need something new that I haven't tried before.

kingbeat23 Sat 31-May-14 22:05:40

I have used MFP for ages. Lost 1.5 stone using 1200 calls a day. You soon realise how much your portion size needs to be. It's a great way to lose weight.

PumpkinPie2013 Sun 01-Jun-14 07:16:24

kingbeat well done on your weight loss smile it's good to hear it works smile

misfitles MFP stands for my fitnes pal (if you google it, it will come up). You sign up to the website and put your details in (it's free). It then calculates how many calories you can have.

You input what you have eaten using the database or by hand and it records it so you can keep check. You record exercise in the same way.

I've probably made it sound complicated but it's really easy to use. I find it much easier than weight watchers which I tried before and it's free!

I finished just under 1200 yesterday but figure it will take a few days to get used to it. Managed 8 glasses of water yesterday which is a first for me.

Day 4 today smile

snickers251 Sun 01-Jun-14 12:59:32

Hello again pumpkin grin

I'm 5ft 6

SW 12st 8
CW 12st 1
GW 11st (will probably re goal when I hit that tho)

I've found it surprisingly easy, even on my 'day off' yesterday I struggled to eat because I felt too full.
I've actually bought some sunflower seeds to nibble on in the evenings not because I'm hungry but just so my intake isn't too low.

I can't believe how much I used to eat so it's shocked me a little at how quick my body has got used to eating less. I do need to exercise more tho but I do have 2 preschoolers so its a struggle to find time.

Back on the wagon today smile

ThingsThatShine Sun 01-Jun-14 13:13:09

Is there anywhere where you can get meal plans for MFP which match the calorie target for the day?

I want to try this again. It would be good to have a few plans to follow at first just to get in the swing of it.

When I did it before it really made me notice things like how many calories I can use up so early in the day on something like a big glass of juice with breakfast!

Good luck all

PumpkinPie2013 Sun 01-Jun-14 20:17:38

snickers glad you managed ok yesterday smile

I found yesterday (day 3) really tough but was determind to stick at it so I did. Today (day 4) has been far easier - I'm still within the 1200 cals but don't feel hungry or have a headache.

Thingsthatshine no I haven't seen menu plans but you could google 'lunches under 300 cals' or whatever and plan that way? Good luck!

PumpkinPie2013 Mon 02-Jun-14 07:52:09

How is everyone doing?

Just starting day 5 smile

Couldn't resist weighing myself this morning and I've lost 2lb grin

Working on my toning exercises to tone my thighs and stomach smile

I'll see where I'm up to on Thursday when it's been a week!

kingbeat23 Mon 02-Jun-14 20:44:47

There's also the 30 day abs challenge and 30 day crunch challenge that gives starting day at 40 the adding 5 a day, each day with a rest on the 4th. So day 1 = 40, day 2 = 45, day 3 = 50, day 4 = rest, day 5 = 55 and so on.

I find that after I've lost the weight a bit I need more toning and conditioning than anything else.

TomDaleysTrunks Mon 02-Jun-14 21:07:44

Hello I'm on 1200 too. I'm finding it manageable but I'm avoiding juice and bread.
I have fruit and fat free natural yoghurt for breakfast, soup or Cous Cous and salad for lunch then I use slimming world for meal ideas in the evening. I'm also doing c25k.

So far, it's going well! It's so flexible.

snickers251 Tue 03-Jun-14 08:02:07

Morning pumpkin smile

Didn't have such a good day yesterday after having lunch out (the lowest calorie thing was bloody soup and still at 380??)

I'm going easy on myself tho and allowing a few extra calories because it's that time of the month and hoping that when ds is back at preschool I'll be more in routine.

Hope it's going better for you x

PumpkinPie2013 Tue 03-Jun-14 16:39:19

Hiya snickers

I've not eaten out yet but can imagine the headache trying to find something low calorie!!

Going well at the moment but I seem to be finishing under calories most days. Thankfully my body seems to have adjusted so feel ok now.

Fingers crossed we both lose some in the next week x

PumpkinPie2013 Wed 04-Jun-14 09:59:59

How's it going everyone?

It's weigh day for me tomorrow eek!

LostLamb Wed 04-Jun-14 10:09:57

Can I join?

Current weight - 15st
Goal weight - 10 st

I've been using MFP for a week and am finding it very easy to use.
Starting the 30 day shred today blush

I'm going on holiday at the end of the month so trying to be very good until then!

PumpkinPie2013 Wed 04-Jun-14 10:36:29

Course you can lostlamb smile

I'm also finding it easy to use - much easier than when I tried WeightWatchers online smile

snickers251 Wed 04-Jun-14 10:44:37

Morning pumpkin morning lostlamb smile

Had a better couple of days, not lost any more stuck on 12st 1 but well and truly back on the wagon after my naughty naughty weekend.

How do you manage to resist weighing everyday? I can't help but do it every morning. I go to bed excited about weighing myself first thing ... slightly obsessed crazy lady here grin

StealthPolarBear Wed 04-Jun-14 10:48:09

Ive been using it for a while and found it reallh successful.
the one thing I would advise is if you get to the end of the day and youre about 100 cals over, still count it as a success. Just by calorie counting I felt I ate less and didnt binge. Most of the time I was under so it was rreally important to remember that on the odd day I was over, to prevent the "sod it" attitude and the end of the diet

snickers251 Wed 04-Jun-14 11:09:11

Wise words stealth

Even when I do go over slightly it's never said you will gain weight in 5 weeks so it's a good incentive boosting app

PumpkinPie2013 Wed 04-Jun-14 11:15:22

Glad you're back on track snickers not weighing is really hard! I'm getting obsessed too!!

Good tip stealth - I'm far less tempted to binge at the moment due to counting and getting a better idea of portions which is good smile

FruitBasedDrinkForALady Wed 04-Jun-14 11:17:48

I've been on 1200 cals with MFP since last August. I'm down 3 stone so far, one more to go. I found it easier to keep to the 1200 when I started, now I miss food a bit, and I find the days I don't do exercise and earn more calories, are definitely harder.

Completely agree with Stealth, once you're under your base rate for the day, you'll still be dropping weight and if you can take each day as a new start, you'll keep or get back on the wagon until it becomes a lifestyle rather than a "diet".

TomDaleysTrunks Wed 04-Jun-14 15:41:26

Good advice stealth!

I'm doing alright. Today not ideal but will hopefully come in around 1300. My friend brought Tiffin around!

FruitBasedDrinkForALady Wed 04-Jun-14 18:55:40

There was the option of Tiffin and you're only 100 cals over??? You have a will of iron...

shabbadab Wed 04-Jun-14 21:01:25

Can I join? Similar to OP 5ft 3, 9 stone 6 and need to loose around 6lbs - the few are often the hardest!! Day 2 of MFP 1200. Anyone fancy sharing any meal / snack ideas please?

cremedecacao Wed 04-Jun-14 21:20:33

I have been doing this for 2 weeks! Realised I was definitely eating more than I thought before! I have recently re-discovered rice noodles, sugar free jelly, venison sausages (120 cals for 2!!) and not cooking with oil (blitz onions in microwave instead to lose 100 calls from your meal). Going well!

TomDaleysTrunks Thu 05-Jun-14 06:58:53

Here's a low cal but filling soup.

400g each of potato and leek
5 carrots peeled and diced
3 celery sticks
1.8 l stock.

Dry fry carrot, leek and celery for 5 min or so.
Add potatoes (peeled and diced)
Add stock
Cook till potatoes cooked

Think it's 120 cals a portion.

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