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about three stone to go about

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RDLH Thu 13-Mar-14 19:03:33

I have been a stalker of this site for ages, and have enjoyed the tips so far for losing weight. I started to calorie count on the 2nd Feb I was 16 stone when I started and had a BMI of 36 my height is 5'5. I have gotten down to 14 stone this week (8th March) with a BMI of around 32 Yay !I am trying to get my weight down to around 10.5/11 stone.

I would consider myself to have a fairly inactive life style, I'm a stay at home mum (work part time), walking the kids to school every day with totals up to around 6 miles. I have been keeping a food diary which I find great for a visual reminder of how many calories I have left, I go from 900 to 1200 calories a day. I am not finding this a struggle and can still function well at work/home without loosing it.

Don't know what you think of the weight watchers food range, we have incorporated some of the range into our diet/along with everything we can find that is low fat, we got rid of all the 'tricky cakes'

What do you all think of XLS Medical fat/carb burner pills? thought of taking them, not sure if they are a bit of an expensive gimmick

any tips would be welcome, looking for diet buddies to share and offer support.

Ghosh this is long, sorry.

Joules68 Thu 13-Mar-14 23:27:43

I think the pills are a gimmick

I've lost 5 stone through low carbing so for the next 2-3 stone I think I'll carry on with it

And exercise! Well done so far

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