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Low calorie pub meal suggestions please...

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jigsawlady Sun 09-Feb-14 08:18:51

Hi I'm doing MFP and trying to eat a maximum of 1200 calories a day or exercise to get more.

Going to a carvery type pub this afternoon and wondering what I could have for lunch thats quite low cal apart from plain dry salad.

Anyone know anything in a pub which wont use up all my calories??

j200 Sun 09-Feb-14 12:34:50

If it is a self service carvery then go for chicken/turkey/lean beef meat (no skin) and lots of veggies and a small bit of stuffing. I would avoid roast potatoes, yorkshires and too much gravy but just meat and veggies is low cal.
Otherwise maybe if they have a non creamy soup like minestrone and roll or something like salmon and veg (ask for no sauce if they have a creamy sauce) Have a look online if it is a chain as often they have menus so you can plan in advance smile Enjoy!

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