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Abc diet

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Mimilla203 Wed 29-Jan-14 12:56:30

Hi I m going bananas with my weight and I have decided to start the abc diet.
I know about all the cons but I have got to the point where I have to do something a bit drastic!!
Is anybody doing it? If so would u like to share your results with me?? Please and thanks

Kubrickian Mon 03-Feb-14 00:59:49

I'm about to start this tomorrow.

But I'm going to do it a little differently as it's so extreme. I've worked out what I'm going to eat during the day - for example if I eat 800 calories on a 300 calorie day - then I will burn off the excess 500 calories.

I have no idea if it will still work the same (hopefully!) but I think my way is more healthy. I've read about people doing this diet and all they can do is sleep because they have no energy and their hair falls out - so please be careful.

MrsTowMater Thu 06-Feb-14 14:52:40

A diet THAT extreme won't work. It won't work for many reasons. One of which is that you won't stick to it. Changes have to be permanent lifestyle changes, this just isn't sustainable. You'll feel ravenous and be more likely to over eat. You'll have no energy so may find you are lethargic and thus doing less so won't burn any calories through exercise. Another reason it won't work is because when you cut calories so drastically, muscles begin to waste, so of the weight you lose, half of it is muscle. Muscle burns more calories than fat so it's not good to lose it. When you do resume eating normally, you'll pile on any weight you did lose extremely fast as you won't have as much muscle to metabolise the calories. It's a bad idea, really really bad idea. BUT if you're desperate to try it, I doubt you'll listen to a stranger on Mumsnet!! I would just give you a warning to look after yourself, remember a diet this extreme will need your doctor to be aware and look out for any signs of it causing weakness or illness.

BettySwollocksandaCrustyRack Thu 06-Feb-14 16:41:07

Yep, listen to Mrs - she talks sense.

Diets like that do not work - all that will happen is you will be so hungry or weak you will end up binging, feeling shit etc etc.

Healthy eating and exercise is the only way...fact!!

I've done them all, baby food diet included - such a waste of time!

Nannyme1 Mon 31-Mar-14 15:56:24

Does it not put you off at all that in most forums it is known as a pro anorexic diet? Surely any normal person wouldn't look at that and say yah I might give that a go.

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