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MFP and breastfeeding

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Zanzicat Thu 02-Jan-14 16:51:01

I successfully used MFP after I had DD to lose the weight I gained. As she was EBF I added 500 cals per day to account for that - I'd read online somewhere that was how many calories extra were needed. It all worked great. However recently some weight has crept on and now Xmas is out the way I want to get rid. My question is how many calories do I account for bf now? DD still bf on demand but it isn't sole source of food. Number of feeds range from about 2 - 5 feeds a day depending on mood/illness etc. Can anyone shed some light please?

MelanieCheeks Thu 02-Jan-14 22:16:46

Why don't you add a 250 per day and see how it goes? All these figures are only guidelines, it's trial and error really!

Zanzicat Fri 03-Jan-14 08:48:31

Thanks that's a good suggestion. For now I've set my activity level on the next level up and it's added more or less that amount anyway and I'll see how it goes.

Layl77 Tue 04-Feb-14 22:17:10

On slimming world you get 4 healthy extras if solely bf and 1 if weaning happening. So I take it ebf is 4:1 ratio compared to just partially bf. So maybe add 125

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