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Weight loss plan starts tomorrow, anyone want to join me?

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JumpingJackSprat Sun 10-Nov-13 18:25:10

I need to lose a couple of stone and though t if I start now I might have lost half a stone by Christmas - in time for Christmas parties and stuff. I lost three Stone in the last couple of years but have put one back on moving in with dp and getting too comfortable! Basically I'm intending to do myfitnesspal and the shred dvd along with trying to walk more. It worked for me before! So if anyone else is planning to start or have started then how about a moral support thread? smile I'm starting at 12.5 stone and a dress size 14... Would like to get to 10 stone and a size 10-12.

carlywurly Sun 01-Dec-13 21:12:39

Exercise is brilliant. once you break the pain barrier I promise it's addictive. I'm so much more toned than I was, and I love that I can go out for meals or have the odd takeaway. I regularly eat more than 1200 cals by running the rest off.

Try walking and then running for 30 seconds at a time to start with. It will hurt to start with but quickly get much easier.

JumpingJackSprat Thu 05-Dec-13 12:50:36

The thread had done a bit quiet How's everyone getting on? I've lost about 4lb in a month but can't be bothered to do the shed dvd a lot - have been doing other forms of exercise. I've just ordered my Christmas party dress and is a 12 so I hope I fit into it when it arrives!

beckslovestimmy Thu 05-Dec-13 14:49:45

Not had a good few days. 2lb on hmm back on track today though with renewed motivation. Went to the gym yesterday and going tomorrow. My trainer is now away for a couple of weeks so I'm determined to lose weight and train hard while he's away. Looking forward to pasta carbonara for tea tonight! grin

JumpingJackSprat Thu 05-Dec-13 15:38:12

I'm having oven chips and smoked mackerel I can't wait as I've had a combination of rice, meat and vegetables all week, I need some chips dammit! I think I shall have to do the shred tonight to make up for it.

beckslovestimmy Thu 05-Dec-13 17:36:05

Yummy chips!!!! I've got a thing for waffles at the mo, yum! grin

carlywurly Fri 06-Dec-13 07:19:22

Woo hoo 11 st exactly today so that's a whole stone and a half off? Just need one more pound off to be 10 st something for our Xmas parties next weekend. So close it's frustrating!

Its not easy when there are open tubs of chocolates all around the office - 50 cals a throw and last year I could gave easily munched through 10 chocs a day!.

I love chips too - I make my own a lot with sea salt and that low day spray stuff or olive oil. Bake them for ages and they're yummy.
I then drown them in sauces which probably doesn't help grin

How is everyone else? Keep posting, I need the encouragement!

Wallycobbles Fri 06-Dec-13 21:10:00

We'll done everyone, I'm still plugging away, started doing the shred, done day 11 today, and doing it 6 days a week and a level per week, don't know if that's the right way to do it, but wanted to get as much in before my party. Anyway, my weight has stayed the same, and my measurements seem to be the same but my dress now fits, not sure how that works, but yay!!

Is everyone carrying on over christmas? I'm hoping to stick to maintenance for the week then back to it in the new year.

beckslovestimmy Fri 06-Dec-13 21:22:37

Hi, I've been back on the wagon, day 2 today and I went to the gym. Feeling good. I'm going to continue over Christmas but might have a mince pie (or 2) on the day grin

carlywurly Sat 07-Dec-13 08:19:11

I fell off the wagon properly last Christmas so I'm determined this year. It was all the 4 course meals out and sweets.

I'm going to forget trying to lose weight for a couple of weeks but if I can maintain or restrict the gain to a couple of pounds that's a bonus after last year. smile

carlywurly Sun 29-Dec-13 20:07:56

How is everyone doing?

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