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How do I log the 30 day shred workout into MFP and MfP help

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Queenbee245 Tue 20-Aug-13 12:10:45

Thanks for the replies
I usually have about 300 calories left over at the end of the day on average and I have always felt ok, not tired or feeling ravenous, I think ill just play it by eat for a few weeks

KatoPotato Tue 20-Aug-13 11:33:11

I was advised on the MFP boards to log it as 'circuit training - general'

I don't log my excercise much anymore, it's not really too accurate.

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Tue 20-Aug-13 11:29:24

I've always logged Shred as High Impact Aerobics.

It's telling you you're not eating enough calories because it already has a deficit included. The amount of calories you have a day is already cut to an amount to help you lose weight.

It has a 'duty' to tell you if you're eating below this and at a dangerously low level.

Queenbee245 Tue 20-Aug-13 11:19:30

I used MFP a few months back so I'm familiar with logging foods but I'm not sure how to log that I've done the 30 day shred?
Also when I do exercise and log it in MFP tells me that I havnt eaten enough calories but it says if I Carry on then ill be -insert weight- in 2 weeks, but the weight they are stating is my target weight.
I'm so confused.
I'm eating a light breakfast (crumpets/cereal/slim fast shake) I have a sandwich or similar for lunch and then meat/fish and veg for dinner.
I don't expect to lose all the weight in2 weeks and know that it would be unhealthy to do so (want to lose about 12lbs)
Sunday is my treat day (always have a big roast) so I will have days of more calories.
Am I doing it right?

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