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3 stone over weight enough is enough

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middleeasternpromise Mon 26-Aug-13 23:54:34

I have managed to make some lifestyle changes the last two weeks - eating less and less snacking. This is mainly because the kids are away so I tell anyone who will listen I am living like a bloke, no shopping or cooking. Have also just booked a hoilday for end of Oct its all inclusive so I dont want anyone cracking jokes when they see me at the buffet like 'she could of done with going half board'

randomwhistle Sun 25-Aug-13 17:31:56

I don't know how to add by name on mfp but please add me I'm Natty85Natty

ditavonteesed Sun 25-Aug-13 13:53:40

hi I also need to lsoe 3 stone, I have managed to go on hol and not gain anything so I figure I am in a good place to start. I have fired mfp up and I know I can do it if I actually keep a record of what I eat so starting today everything that goes in my mouth goes on mfp, I have the same user name on there if anyone wants to add me. My aim is to lose 3 stone by christmas.

randomwhistle Wed 21-Aug-13 12:59:58

Hi! I was exactly the same 6wks ago. Had my 4th child in November was 9st before pregnancy and ended up 13st. In 5wks I have got down to 11st 11 (last Saturday weigh in week 5). I'm desperate to wear those nice size 10 clothes again and think that I look nice for a change. I just feel like a dumpling at the moment. I'm on mfp and currently only have one friend haha. Would love some more Im Natty85Natty

Patilla Tue 20-Aug-13 16:10:28

Forgot to add that in terms of wardrobe savings I simply can't afford a new wardrobe so I have to lose weight if I don't want to stay stuck in my clothes I wore in early pregnancy as terrible as that is!

Patilla Tue 20-Aug-13 16:08:50

Hi I'm a month into my weight loss journey.

Despite kidding myself that my weight gain during pregnancy was fluid retention, nearly five months later I'm still packing an extra three stone of "fluid"!!

I've lost about ten pounds so far but this week while I've stuck to my plan (ww in my case) I've been a bit demotivated by the scale of my challenge so... I'd like to be another one stone three pounds lighter as that's when I start to look simply overweight rather than obese. When I reach that I've agreed with DH that we are going out for a family meal as a mid loss celebration.

STIDW Tue 20-Aug-13 16:02:11

Have the battle is deciding enough is enough. 5 years ago I decided one day if I could lose 2lbs a week for a year I would lose 7st. After a year I just kept going and lost another 3.5st which meant I'd lost half my body weight and dropped from a size 28 to size 12. As long as you really have the will and motivation it can be done. Good luck!

HeySoulSister Tue 20-Aug-13 14:35:52

good luck all!!

i'm stuck at a 5 stone loss,need to lose 2 more now

Figgyroll Mon 19-Aug-13 22:12:04

I'm another one who's got on the scales this morning and had a huge shock. I'm 5'10" and weighed in at exactly 17 stones. shock I've deleted my old MFP account which recorded my past failure at counting the calories and have restarted today. I'm on 1,600 calories a day.

My goal is to eventually lose about 4 stone but I'll be celebrating after I've lost each half stone.

Middleasternlady, it didn't occur to me to think in terms of wardrobe savings - I've got about the same amount of stuff that I'd love to get back into.

Good luck ladies. smile

middleeasternpromise Mon 19-Aug-13 20:56:06

Im downloading now !!!!!! I know I have to monitor the calories as I am a super honest person in every other aspect of my life - except food when I lie to myself about how much I eat. Mycatoscar happy to buddy up esp as I have a cat called Oscar too !! I have stuck to 3 meals today and am giving up dairy as its aggravating my excema I think the fat ratio in my food is also a problem but its soooo tasty !! But I get at least £1000 back if I lose these three stone (thats the value of clothes in my wardrobe that have never fitted) here we go ....

cheryl19843 Mon 19-Aug-13 19:16:58

Agree with the lady above. My fitness pal is fantastic! I used it last year after having my second child and was in same position as you needing to use 3 stone. I was a size 10 Before pregnancy and nearly a 16 after. Using mfp I lost 3 and a half stone between January and july and was back in my size 10 jeans in time for our summer hol. So long as you stick to it it works! Good luck! X

mycatoscar Mon 19-Aug-13 08:14:59

I'm in the same position. I have at least 2 realistically 3 stone to lose. I'm starting by using MFP app everyday to log calories and exercise. My first target is to stick to it every day until I go back to work on 3rd September.

Happy to post updates and be weight loss buddies if you want.

middleeasternpromise Mon 19-Aug-13 02:14:32

Have deceived myself enough - this is ridiculous. Still buying clothes for the body I remember and not the body I am - am likely to die of constriction at this rate but only if I manage to get the zip/buttons done. Have finally stepped on scales - absolutely rediculous how did I let it get this far? Dont answer I know theres a family size crisp packet in the bedroom bin. Time to get real so this is it I will do it and I will do it now.

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