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Can we have a thread to list every day what we've eaten?

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shiningcadence Thu 01-Aug-13 15:51:26

Hi, I've recently started cutting down ready for my holiday at the end of Aug. also my 3 year old asked me why I had a big bum grin

I'm not calorie counting per se because I haven't got the time but I've cut down lots and am eating quite healthily most days.

I'm still tempted by the odd treat though and I think a massive motivation for me would be if I knew I was coming on here every evening to list what I'd eaten that day. Does anyone else else think this would help them? If so, please join!

I also think it might be helpful to see what others are eating to give me ideas for healthy snacks and meals.

Also, is anyone excercising as well as cutting down? I haven't got the time to do any 'proper' excercise (sahm with 3 dc, dh works long hours, no family nearby etc) but I've been doing squats and arm lifts when the dc are playing and have also been hula hooping in the garden grin - I find this a really good way to tone up my stomach. What excercises are others doing? Any tips for excercises that can fit around the dc?

I will be back this evening to list what I've eaten and what excercise I've done today - hopefully this'll keep me on track this afternoon smile

shiningcadence Thu 22-Aug-13 17:45:16

mummaemma Hope you have a fab time on your hols. Devon is a lovely part of the country isn't it.

feelin It's horrible when you're ravenous no matter what you eat isn't it. You've done so well not to cave and go on a mad binge though! That's what I've been known to do grin In all seriousness though, I always find that eggs fill me up when I'm hungry - you've probably noticed from my food lists that I eat a lot of omelettes! I also find Muller Rice really, really filling.

Well, yesterday I forgot to list the latte I had at a cafe when we were out and also 2 glasses of cider at my friend's house, so quite a lot of calories consumed sad

I've tried to be good today, honest, but I've been been feeling really peckish. I've had:

Muller rice
Omlette with red onion, one piece toast with clover light spread
Small Milky Way
X3 Jaffa cakes blush
X2 Weetabix with skimmed milk
Coffee skimmed milk, half a sugar x2
Lots of water

Not shaping up to be a great day but I'm feeling full now so hopefully won't be snacking too much more this evening. If I'm feeling peckish later I'll probably have a Dairylea triangle and some breadsticks. Dd3 was eating them earlier and I have to admit, they looked quite appetising! smile

Hope youre all having a good evening. Chat again soon.

cooeeyonlyme Thu 22-Aug-13 17:50:42

Kendal mint cake
Chicken sandwich meal with coke
steak, potatoes and salad
Mars bar
3 cups of coffee

Rummikub Thu 22-Aug-13 19:14:07

Shining, 3 Jaffa cakes sounds fine.

Today I had tea, toast, jam. 8 chunks of plain chocolate. Spaghetti bolognaise, made with 4 types of veg, and 1/3 of garlic flat bread. 1 glass of water. Will be having a cup of tea in a moment with couple of ginger biscuits.

shiningcadence Thu 22-Aug-13 19:32:15

Thanks rummikub smile I also had 2 squares dark chocolate and a small Milky Way grin.

Dinner was 2 vegetable fingers, couple of roast potatoes, loads of veg (carrots, cauli, broccoli) and gravy so didn't get to have my Dairylea after.

mummaemma Thu 22-Aug-13 21:37:39

Thanks Shining, i will. have a good week smile

IDontBowlOnShabbos Thu 22-Aug-13 22:28:39

Ohh can I join? Need some help to keep on track and having to write it all down might help!

Today I started off well with yogurt and honey for breakfast, then it kind of went downhill!

For lunch I had a bigmac meal with full fat coke and for dinner three Krispy Kremes...

In my defense this is not a normal day for me and the Krispy Kremes were the fault of my MIL, god bless her!

Rummikub Thu 22-Aug-13 23:49:54

I thought you were going to be super healthy after the yoghurt and honey start... Ending with doughnuts! grin

After my tea and ginger biscuits (3) and a fudge, I had some hula hoops, a cornetto and a cola lolly. I really shouldn't calorie load at the end of the day!

STIDW Fri 23-Aug-13 02:28:15

Today or rather yesterday wasn't very well thought out. I had an orange and Weetabix with milk for breakfast; smoked salmon 1/2 bagel with cream cheese and salad for lunch and sea bass with potatoes and green spring veg for dinner. So that was three fish meals in 36 hours. I went to the gym, swam and went on a group walk so I also had a fruit scone to keep my energy levels up.

I'd ordered the new Hairy Dieters book which arrived on Monday and I only got round to looking at it today. Has anyone else seen it? The recipes for veggie burger, chicken piri piri, pancakes and muffins look interesting.

feelinlucky Fri 23-Aug-13 13:33:08

ST, that doesn't sound bad at all. They were all healthy meals smile

Today I just had to have croissants for breakfast and one weetabix. I've had one low cal mozzarella sandwich and a pear. Yesterday was a complete write off. I ate nearly half a bag of dry roasted peanut and had 3 large glasses of wine. I did however have hours of vigorous sex smile I'm sure that used up some of those calories.

Rummikub Fri 23-Aug-13 18:30:51

Hi all, tea, toast jam. Couple of spoonfuls of dd's coco pops & milk. Glass of orange juice. Dinner in short while will be lasagne, garlic bread and peas. Followed by slice of homemade chocolate & orange loaf cake.

It seems I only eat lunch when at work. Oh but guess I miss dinner out, and end up snacking. Anyone have any good healthy snack ideas for out and about. I resort to chocolate. I've bought malt loaf slices as an option. Fruit, bananas. Anything other tips?

shiningcadence Fri 23-Aug-13 19:49:56

Hi all, IDontBowl welcome smile I certainly find it helps with my food intake, knowing that I'll be coming on here to list it all.

rummikub, I sometimes find it's at the end if the day too when I have a massive calorie overload. Do you think you're hungry or is it like a habit? I think for me I was in the habit of sitting down when the dc were in bed with a cuppa and lots of treats and i saw that as my reward for a hard day with the dc. It was a hard habit to break but I think I'm almost there, I tend not to binge in the evenings now. I've been trying to eat well for around 6 weeks now and that evening sugar rush was what I struggled to get over more than anything! For out and about I like bananas, cashew nuts and Special K 'biscuit moments' - these are gorgeous and 2g fat, 99 calories for a packet of 2 biscuits smile Special K also do some lovely crisps which are again low in fat and cals. What about a little pot of fruit? Boots/supermarkets sell them but I tend to buy the fruit and make up pots myself - much cheaper ad you can choose what fruit to put in. I also find carrying a cold bottle of water helps stave off the hunger.

shiningcadence Fri 23-Aug-13 22:43:54

STIDW, I haven't seen the hairy dieters recipe book, it sounds good.

feelin You didn't do badly at all despite the peanuts. Especially as you had so much sex afterwards! grin

Well, today we were out all day visiting friends and family so I was at the mercy of the hosts cooking and fully expecting to be eating lots of fatty food. However I was really lucky and was offered good, healthy food.

So, I had:

Muller rice
X2 Jaffa cakes
Cheese salad roll with coleslaw, boiled egg
Scrambled egg and baked beans
One square dark chocolate
Can diet coke
Cup of tea (skimmed milk, no sugar)
X2 coffees - skimmed milk, half a sugar)

Yesterday and Wednesday were really bad days for me - I ate badly and did no exercise. When I weighed myself tonight I was disappointed to discover I've put on 1lb sad Did 1.5 hours on the wii tonight and hoping to lose that 1lb again quickly - holiday in a week! smile

Hope you're all having a good Friday smile

STIDW Sat 24-Aug-13 00:35:11

Mmm.. lasagne and garlic bread sounds very nice.

Today I didn't get to the gym as I was cat sitting and managed to shut the cat out. I ended up frantically searching the neighbourhood instead and by the time I found the cat (sitting on a neighbour's doorstep) it was too late.

Today I ate;

Breakfast: Orange, Weetabix with milk

Lunch: Turkey, Bie and cranberry sandwich with salad

Dinner: Lamb, spinach and potatoes curry (recipe from the first Hairy Dieters book) with WW mini garlic naan

Snacks: Chocolate Frappe, yogurt concoction

mummaemma, have a good holiday!

Rummikub Sat 24-Aug-13 01:39:27

Hi, I do buy those prepped fruit pots sometimes, they are expensive aren't they. I love nuts, but eat far too many and again expensive.

STIDW, my dd said it was the best lasagne she'd ever had! <proud>

Just realised I haven't snacked at all tonight! Maybe that's the key, stuff my face at dinner grin

I have been making a list of all the food stuffs in my larder cupboard. So I can meal plan properly and use up the many many tins of beans I have, such as tinned aduki beans... Never used them, don't know why I bought them! Any suggestions??

I think if I bought long life milk and bread, I wouldn't need to go to the shops for weeks! It's quite satisfying making the list <deluding myself that I am organised>

shiningcadence Sat 24-Aug-13 21:22:15

Hi all,
STIDW, glad you found your friend's cat!
rummikub I think filling up at dinner is the key to avoid snacking... Never had aduki beans, what about throwing them in a salad?

Well it's countdown to hols now, 6 days to go! (Flying Friday evening). And I'm going to be very good this week - no binging! And if I do succumb (which I won't!) I want one of you to give me a virtual kick up the backside grin.

I didn't say anything before in case it outed me (but I've decided there's little chance of that and anyway, I wouldn't be that bothered) - my sister is getting married when we're away and I'm chief bridesmaid. That's why I'm so desperate to be slim and toned - so that I look half decent in the wedding photos. That's why I really want to make this last week count now.

So, today I had:

Breakfast - muller rice
Snack - 2 Jaffa cakes
Lunch - 2 Weetabix with skimmed milk, a banana
Snack - bowl of strawberries, asda yogurt, raisin and apple slice (1.9g fat, 76 cal)
Dinner - omelette with red onion, low fat coleslaw
Snack - another yogurt, raisin and apple bar (from now on I'll refer to these as yra bars to save me typing it all out every time! grin)
X3 coffees - skimmed milk, half a sugar (tomorrow I'm going to try drinking coffee without sugar!)
Lots of water.

Did an hour on the wii.

Hope you've all had a great day, chat soon smile

Rummikub Sat 24-Aug-13 21:37:58

Aw how lovely shining. A lot of it is about inner confidence. Hopefully as you've been looking after yourself you'll look and feel good x

My intake for today; tea, toast, jam. Slice homemade chocolate & orange cake with a cuppa. Pizza toast, banana with salted caramel ice cream.

STIDW Sun 25-Aug-13 00:01:48

HOmemade choc & orange cake also sounds good too. I made some l muffins today. They were a funny shape because I couldn't find the muffin tin but they tasted great and only came in at about 180cal each.

Today I had: an orange and Weetabix with milk. Feta and spinach pancake , yogurt with 1/2 tsp maple syrup. Chicken fajita in a wrap with salsa. Wholemeal blueberry muffin. Lots of tea, coffee and water but I don't take milk or sugar.

shiningcadence Sun 25-Aug-13 14:43:44

STIDW the food you had yesterday would literally be my ideal food for a day. I love fajitas with salsa and spinach and feta too. And the muffin sounds lovely. Yum!

Thanks rummikub, hopefully I will have inner confidence on the day smile your cake also sounds lovely. A good day for you.

Speak later.

Rummikub Sun 25-Aug-13 17:01:54

Today I have had tea, toast and jam. Aduki bean lasagne, glass of orange juice.

STIDW I love feta. And those pancakes sound yum.

Shining, I usually think I've done badly on any day. So I worry that I haven't had my 5 a day usually.

shiningcadence Sun 25-Aug-13 18:47:21

Today I've had:
Breakfast: x2 Weetabix with skimmed milk, banana
Snack: muller rice
Lunch: went out for pub lunch. I had an all day veggie breakfast - x2 veggie sausages, x2 poached eggs, beans, fried tomatoes and mushrooms.
X2 coffees - half a sugar, skimmed milk
X2 glasses diet coke in pub
Lots of water

rummikub, you found a home for the aduki beans then grin. I think you're doing well but maybe not eating enough which means you'll be tempted to snack more.

Rummikub Sun 25-Aug-13 19:50:10

I was impressed with myself for making that lasagne with leftovers and store cupboard ingredients. Couldn't tell it was meat free either. Think I will have to try it out on the children and not mention the beans..

shining thats interesting you say that. I feel greedy, possibly as I do snack I guess. I have just had a cup of tea and slice of that chic/ orange cake just now. Think putting my food intake down on here is making me think.

shiningcadence Sun 25-Aug-13 22:00:01

Since I last checked in I've had:
X 5 squares dark chocolate, x5 cashew nuts
Dairy lea triangle, x2 breadsticks
1 Weetabix, skimmed milk
Lots of water

An hour in wii.

rummikub, you're definitely not greedy, you usually miss out either lunch or dinner. Well done for making the lasagne from what you had in the cupboards. I do love lasagne smile

Rummikub Sun 25-Aug-13 22:56:00

Thank you shining. I think because I'm short weight shows on me very quickly. Think I'm about 8 and half stone, but could do with losing half a stone. I would say a full stone but think it can be very ageing.

You're very good at having a bit of what you fancy. I couldn't stop at 5 cashews!

shiningcadence Mon 26-Aug-13 22:08:43

Hi rummikub (and anyone else who's about).

Breakfast: muller rice
Snack: x2 yra slices
Lunch: Burger King blush I was good though and just had a veggie wrap and diet coke - no chips! smile
Snacks: handful dd1's marshmallows, handful dd2's haribo blush
Dinner: 2 Weetabix with semi skimmed milk, a banana
One can diet coke
X2 coffees skimmed milk - 1/4 spoonful of sugar - couldn't bare to have no sugar at all grin Might do it tomorrow. No exercise and no time to do any tonight.

Hope everyone's had a good day smile

Rummikub Mon 26-Aug-13 22:36:13

Hi everyone, sorry for late posting. Had a late start to the day. I have had tea, 3 toast & jam. Tea, slice of that home made cake. Dinner of aduki bean lasagne. 2 bananas and salted caramel ice cream.

Shining, you did well at Burger King!

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