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Can we have a thread to list every day what we've eaten?

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shiningcadence Thu 01-Aug-13 15:51:26

Hi, I've recently started cutting down ready for my holiday at the end of Aug. also my 3 year old asked me why I had a big bum grin

I'm not calorie counting per se because I haven't got the time but I've cut down lots and am eating quite healthily most days.

I'm still tempted by the odd treat though and I think a massive motivation for me would be if I knew I was coming on here every evening to list what I'd eaten that day. Does anyone else else think this would help them? If so, please join!

I also think it might be helpful to see what others are eating to give me ideas for healthy snacks and meals.

Also, is anyone excercising as well as cutting down? I haven't got the time to do any 'proper' excercise (sahm with 3 dc, dh works long hours, no family nearby etc) but I've been doing squats and arm lifts when the dc are playing and have also been hula hooping in the garden grin - I find this a really good way to tone up my stomach. What excercises are others doing? Any tips for excercises that can fit around the dc?

I will be back this evening to list what I've eaten and what excercise I've done today - hopefully this'll keep me on track this afternoon smile

shiningcadence Sun 04-Aug-13 14:08:08

Sorry to hear you had a stressful day diary. Ooh a new coffee maker, sounds lush. Haha I know what you mean about the aching - it is reassuring to know the muscles are still there in good working order!

KateBeckett Sun 04-Aug-13 15:56:46

diary I'm doing the shred too, should be on day 3 but had to have a rest day as my calves are killing me!

So far today had rand on toast for brekkie, and a sweet potato with avocado for lunch. Also had a slice of Nutella on toast as a snack! Oops!

Dinner will be salmon, fennel and tomatoes with a few home grown potatoes.

cadence sounds like you are doing really well, keep going smile

red glad the inlaws was okay, shame about the chippy though!

redmayneslips Sun 04-Aug-13 16:30:12

Hello everyone,

It's gloomy and overcast here, but we are having a lovely lazy day so I don;t really care.

You lot are putting me to shame with the exercise too. I bought an exercise bike last year and it is gathering dust in our room - really must get cracking with it again today, no time like the present eh? are eating VERY little, please look after yourself x

Kate and shining - well done, you are both doing great. I reckon every effort adds up in the end and the odd snack here and there won't really make a major difference.

So far today I have had:

Breakfast: 3 X rye sesame crackers with butter and banana, coffee with low fat milk

Mid Morning: coffee with low fat milk & 3 squares of Green & black choc with seasalt (new addiction!)

Lunch: sliced breast of chicken sandwich with loads of black pepper and a good sprinkle of salt, cup of tea, sliver of cake (bold!)

Dinner: stuffed chicken breast (a little chicken heavy today but had to use it up), steamed new potatoes, carrots, marrowfat peas and gravy
There are profiteroles in the fridge but I may forfeit mine so I can have a glass of wine with dinner. dc will be happy to hoover up any extras

Might go on the exercise bike later.

Day off tomorrow so if it's not raining, will take the dogs for a long ramble - saves me sitting at home snacking and also gets in a bit of exercise.

So far I have lost 4lbs! I have gone from 11st 7lbs to 11st 3lbs. I would love to be 10st 13lbs by the party Friday week - what are my chances????

shiningcadence Sun 04-Aug-13 17:57:21

I'm not sure this thread was a good idea because reading what everyone else is eating is making me hungry! Ooh Nutella on toast and green & blacks chocolate sound so delicious. Actually the savoury food you're all eating sounds rather nice too. Haha I'm only joking, I'm enjoying reading what you're eating and it's nice to know there are others in the same boat smile

red I think a long ramble with the dogs is perfect exercise. Exercise is always better when it doesn't feel like exercise isn't it. Hope the weather improves for you. That is a great loss btw. I have no idea what your chances are for Friday because I have literally no idea about how quickly weight loss occurs. I haven't even got a weighing scales at home! Although I did remember that you can weigh yourself on the wii board so I might go on there tonight and then I can track whether or not/how much I'm losing. I'm sure I've lost some because my clothes feel better smile

Today so far I've eaten

Muller rice

A banana

Spinach tortellini with tomato and mushroom sauce

Pack of Special K 'Biscuit Moments'

X3 coffees (ss milk, 1 brown sugar)

Lots of water

I'll update again later smile

DiaryOfAWimpyMum Sun 04-Aug-13 18:01:18

I've just read back and yes my appetite seems to have vanished since I started posting on here, I swear I normally eat lots and weighed myself last night and have lost zero pounds!!


Brown bread x 2 - lurpack

cappachino x 3 (nescafe)
tea x 6 skimmed milk no sugar

Will do better tomorrow!!

Exercise - walked dog x 2 for 30 mins
10 mins of 30 day shred - why are the pressups at the start?

I will do a 5 minute abs crunch workout later too with weights, if I can get my feet off the ground this time. I will get some shopping in on Wednesday and am stealing some of your meal ideas as they sound great!

Plan for tomorrow will be breakfast (fruit) lunch for me and one DC (sandwiches or soup), chicken stir fry (with rice for boys), or steak and salad for dinner (+ chips for boys), I have taken both out of the freezer.

KateBeckett Sun 04-Aug-13 20:29:32

diary you need to eat!! It might actually be why you haven lost anything - if you don't eat enough doesn't your body go Into starvation mode and not lose any weight? Look after yourself!

red thanks! Only just started to make an effort with working out, but I'm feeling a difference already - not with wight loss yet, but just generally feeling better. Long ramble with the dogs sounds lovely, can't wait till we can get a pooch or 2 smile

cadence I know what you mean, I am drooling reading some of these!!

Tumford Sun 04-Aug-13 20:30:27

I'd like to join....back on the ww wagon Tuesday

redmayneslips Sun 04-Aug-13 20:55:00

Hi Tumford, welcome!

Is anyone else finding that listing out here what you've eaten in a day actually makes you stop before snaffling that biscuit / cake etc because you know you'll have to admit it? It is for me anyway!

I actually dusted off the exercise bike at about 5pm and looked up the programme of exercise that came with it and started the programme again. 8 minutes of cycling 4 fast, one slow, 2 fast, 1 slow equalled 2.7km cycled so felt great after that, had a shower and came down to make dinner.

I think i will keep this up now.

Had dinner and sucummbed to tasting the profiteroles - had 1 and a bowl of strawberries so not too bad and left me feeling not deprived.

Will tighten things up tomorrow, but so nice to have a more relaxed sunday.

Kate: our dogs are rescue terriers and they are 9 years old now and the loves of our lived and totally spoilt. Along with our kitten, of course! I recommend having 2 together, they really keep each other company.

shiningcadence Sun 04-Aug-13 23:17:51

Hi all!

red I totally agree about the fact that coming on here to list what I've eaten helps to keep me on track! Although it didn't stop me having a slice of cake today blush. Friend popped in on the way home from shops with a Victoria sponge which she asked if we could open and have with a cuppa - would've been rude to refuse, right? grin But overall I haven't done too badly today. Altogether I ate/drank:

Muller rice


Spinach tortellini with tomato and mushroom sauce

Pack of Special K 'Biscuit Moments'

Dairylea triangle and breadsticks (sophisticated aye smile)

Carrot sticks and houmous

The naughty piece of sponge wink

X3 coffees, lots of water

Excercise: I went swimming and managed to get batteries for the wii board smile so spent and hour on that tonight doing jogging, hula hoops, step aerobics, lunges, squats and leg lifts.

diary your meal plan for tomorrow sounds perfect smile

kate I know what you mean about generally feeling better after exercising - even if you don't notice a weight loss you just feel healthier overall don't you - I say that as though I'm an expert, I've only been excercising for a few days grin but I do feel better for it already, it's surprising how quickly it makes a difference.

tumdord, welcome smile

Well, considering it's been the weekend I think we've all done very well and each deserve a pat on the back!

Chat tomorrow.

FadBook Sun 04-Aug-13 23:31:39

This is exactly what I need - holiday coming up, I'm not dieting, just making better choices (trying to at least). Doing sit ups and squats daily but hard with work and dd.

Food intake-
Breakfast - Banana, 1 toast, decaff coffee

Lunch - lamb dinner, more veg than potatoes but still had 4 roasties. Refused dessert (cheesecake) but had nieces home made crispy cake

Dinner - 1 toast, loads of grapes

Snacks /adhoc - finished dd's milk shake off whilst out (1/4 pint of nesquik) and plum

Exercise - 30 sit-ups, 20 second plank and 20 squats

More exercise tomorrow and less bread!

shiningcadence Mon 05-Aug-13 13:32:48

Welcome FadBook smile

I haven't done too well today, just been feeling really peckish. I guess it's the exercise I did last night. Btw I wouldn't recommend exercising late at night, it took me ages to drop off last night as I still felt all geared up!

Today I've had:

Muller rice

Bowl of Crunchy Nut

Pack of Quavers

3 squares dark chocolate

1 coffee, just about to make another

And haven't done any exercise!

Anyone else find this weather just makes them miserable and want to curl up with a coffee and cake/biscuits/chocolate?

Ah well the day is still young, might get off my bum and do some exercise soon. Dc hogging the wii again!

Hope you're all doing okay.

redmayneslips Mon 05-Aug-13 13:57:26

Welcome FadBook.

Hi Shining, I know what you mean, I ended up having 2 G&T's last night watching tv and woke up very unmotivated this morning. I appear to have regained 1lb of my weight loss (though could be bloat from yesterday too - fingers crossed)

I am finding these days at home hard going, easier to stay strong in work and when rushing about the place during the week.

So far today I have had:

3 / sesame and rye crackers with banana & coffee low fat milk

2 thin slices of seeded brown loaf with light philadelphia, smoked salmon, thinly sliced gherkins and lots of black pepper and squeezed lemon, really delicious! The only advantage of going to inlaws is the FAB independent supermarket in their town, pricey but I reckon I deserve it whenever I go there :-) Got yesterday's stuffed chicken breasts there, the bread and organic smoked salmon as well as local strawberries etc - really gorgeous produce.

I had sparkling water with lunch and avoided tea 'with something nice' option.

We are heading out for a long ramble with the dogs in a short while and I will have left over chicken breast tossed in sweet chilli sauce with salad and cous cous for dinner. Dc will have pesto pasta with olives - Dh can have either / both

No alcohol for me for the rest of the week now and I will keep up the exercise bike too. Need to keep the scales inching in the right direction! Have to allow room for expansion on hols in Italy grin

pregnantpause Mon 05-Aug-13 14:47:05

Can I join? I too am cutting back, but for my wedding anniversary in October. I eat a lot more than you lot though, so perhaps I need to cut back further!

Today I have had 2.5 scrambled eggs for breakfast

Snack- half a jam donut (my Mam had made them, from scratch, just for my visit, so I had to show willing, gave the other half to DC)

lunch- a salmon fillet stir fried with peppers, broccoli, bean sprouts and spring onion.

Dinner- lamb meatballs in tomato sauce with a herb salad. I'm going to weigh the meat balls, as lamb is high in cals, but so easy to gorge on.

I have measured 100ml of skimmed milk, and will drink numerous cuppas until it's finished.

Exercise, I have done ten minutes on the exercise bike, five minutes on a stair master and five minutes on a ski type exercise thing. Along with some weight resistance training and ab crunches. That sounds alot more than it was, I spent 40 mins excersing all together.

Are any of you on mfp? I've been using it to log my food and exercise, but haven't got any 'friends' yet- if anyone wants to add me, my username is Joneshaysmile

KateBeckett Mon 05-Aug-13 17:49:03

Hi pregnantpause fadbook and tumford smile welcome aboard!

red your dogs sound gorgeous - any chance of a pic? We will be getting rescue hounds (grey/lurcher type) when we get our own place or somewhere with a secure garden at least! Your smoked salmon thing sounds gorgeous! I might have to get some in for my lunch tomorrow...

cadence mmm quavers! Yum! :D

So far today- I have done 10 min of wii yoga, and the shred.

Breakfast was half and half frosties / Special K with skimmed milk and a black coffee

Lunch was chicken and avocado salad with a corn on the cob and slice of toast (rubbed with garlic instead of using butter, as I had butter on the corn cob)

A couple of little Cadbury thank you chocs I got at the end of term

Will be back when we decide what to have for dinner smile

Keep it up every one, you're doing great.

FadBook Mon 05-Aug-13 20:28:17

Thanks for the welcome everyone <waves>
It was on my mind today that I would have to check back in with my intake - it's helped me lots so I'm loving this thread!! Second day of 'healthy eating' -

Breakfast - granola, semi skimmed milk, banana, tea

Lunch - ham salad (lettuce, cucumber, pepper, tomato)

Dinner - chilli con carne (lean mince, home made sauce) little bit of cheese (couldn't resist!)

Snacks - grapes, sugar-snap peas (raw - so boring compared to chocolate!), aldi own equivilent to Alpen cereal bar and handful of blueberries

Drinks - 2 large coffee with sugar and semi skimmed milk, water

Exercise - 30 sit ups, 20 second plank, 20 squats

Legs hurting today from the squats, that must mean it's working. Might do some more sit ups tonight. I need to work on my jelly belly sad which arrived exactly 2 years ago tomorrow (DD's birthday)

KateBeckett Mon 05-Aug-13 20:37:19

Dinner was salmon with tomatoes, fennel and new potatoes from the garden smile

Pudding was to celebrate national waffle day (thanks for discovering that one... [oops] ) was a waffle, Nutella and strawberries. Soooo delicious! I want another one blush

redmayneslips Mon 05-Aug-13 22:12:04

Fadbook, I know what you mean about reporting back being on your mind, we got a take-out coffee going on the walk (low fat milk smile ) and dh got us twirls, I had one finger and even as I was eating it, i was thinking 'crap, I'm going to have to own up to this!'

Still, I didn't have too bad of a day, we walked the dogs approx 2.5 miles though not as fast a pace as I would have liked as dd was being pretty uncooperative, she is nearly 8 and seems to be going through a massive spurt in independence which is driving us all a bit mad as she is not actually old enough to do many of the things she wants to do - go places alone, and the not listening bit is a headwreck! A fair bit of the walk was spent 'negotiating' with her - keep back from the edge of the River which was flooded, don't climb trees overhanging said flooded river and on and on - drama each time she was told no. I swear she had a radar for the most dangerous things today.

Anyhoo...dinner was a lovely big chicken salad, was very tasty but I am done with chicken for a good while now!

Have some BBQ ribs in the fridge - saw them in Aldi and thought we'd try them with baked potato and reduced fat coleslaw tomorrow for a change.

I may round the night off with a low cal hot choc drink - wild, eh??

Back to work and normal routine tomorrow and I have a dentists appointment in afternoon, 2 fillings (one new, one replacement) confused

redmayneslips Mon 05-Aug-13 22:13:57

kate - WHY did you have to mention waffles. Hot. With nutella. And strawberries. WHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY................grin hope it was delicious!!!

KateBeckett Mon 05-Aug-13 22:59:10

blush sorry! It was absolutely lovely, and I feel I was very VERY restrained stopping at 1!

Will be reporting very boring non yummy meals tomorrow I promise!

shiningcadence Tue 06-Aug-13 08:19:14

Well I had a rubbish day yesterday:

Muller rice

Bowl of Crunchy Nut

Pack of Quavers

4 squares dark choc

X4 Jaffa cakes

Bowl of jelly

X3 marshmallows

Jacket potato with cheese and red onion, low fat coleslaw, tomatoes, cucumber

Carrot and houmous.

X2 coffees

An hour on the wii so hopefully burned some of it off though.

kate thank you for inspiring me to use the wii, it is fab and an easy form of exercise to fit around the dc smile

red I absolutely agree about days at home being so much harder. Today we were at home until late afternoon and I just felt so bored and peckish. Today we are out for the day so hoping to be so busy that I'm not thinking of food! I find eating out difficult sometimes though because it can be hard find healthy food - the big indoor play centre we are off to today is notorious for selling greasy, fatty food. I'll probably end up buying a cereal bar for lunch and having something 'proper' when I get home later.

You're all doing great, keep up the good work smile

shiningcadence Tue 06-Aug-13 08:33:00

Oops posted before I'd finished.

red According to the wii I have also put on 1lb sad no idea why, though my dh said that I might experience some eight gain because of building muscle with the exercise - muscle is heavier than fat - so it could be a sign that we're becoming lovely and toned wishful thinking for me I think grin

Hi pregnantpause,welcome smile. I think that's a fab idea about measuring your milk for the day and just seeing how many cuppas you can get out of that. I do like my coffees very milky and should cut down on the milk a bit really.

Happy birthday baby fadbook smile My youngest is 3 and still losing the weight I gained when I was pregnant with her blush

red Your walk sounds lovely - apart from having to keep an eye on your dd, it's a worry when they're striving for independence too soon isn't it. Good luck for the dentist today!

Chat later.

shiningcadence Tue 06-Aug-13 16:36:29

Hi again, how are we all doing today?

For breakfast I had a muller rice, a probiotic yogurt drink, a banana and a coffee. Ate a little more than I usually would for breakfast because we were off out and I wasn't sure when I'd next be eating (haha that makes me sound like a right greedy guts!).

I was right about the play centre having nothing healthy whatsoever on the menu - they didn't even sell cereal bars or anything. So I had a Diet Coke and 6 of my dd's Jelly Babies to keep me going grin - Jelly Babies have very little fat or calories btw smile

When we came out at 3pm I headed over to the Boots across the road and bought myself a Meal Deal which I was pleasantly surprised with. I had a lovely salad with rice and roasted vegetables which was 170 calories and 3g fat, a packet of Special K crisps and a bottle of water.

Just got home now and about to have a sit down with a coffee and a Jordan's Frusli bar. I bought some skimmed milk today as I do have a lot of milk with coffee and cereal and am probably consuming quite a few calories/fat there. Hopefully skimmed will taste ok.

Planning on a cheese and tomato omelette for dinner and a fruit salad for later.

Exercise wise, well put it this way, I'm exhausted grin. Walked there and back (half hour each way) way back uphill most of the way. Then running around after the dc in the play centre burnt a fair few calories I reckon!

Hope you're all having a good day smile

redmayneslips Tue 06-Aug-13 18:56:14

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all doing ok? Shining - you did great resisting the fried food in the playcentre, I would probably have caved and had some chips or something, so I think you were great.

I had a good-ish day so far

the usual breakfast: 3 x rye crackers + banana + coffee with low fat milk

Then I walked across town at a fast pace (late for a meeting) which is about 1 mile each way, had a small coffee with splash of milk at the meeting and walked back to the office.

En route I stopped and M&S and got a hoisin duck wrap (280 calories) and a small bag cherries and a bottle of water which I had at my desk before going to the dentist.

Dentist went ok, I never like going but don't hate it either. Got the 2 fillings and then walked about 20mins to the nearest shopping centre - had to grab a few things there so had a skinny latte and half a muffin there - felt I needed something after all that.

Home now and will have a baked potato, oven cooked BBQ ribs (I will have small portion as not really mad about ribs but dh likes them) and low fat coleslaw for dinner.

May go on the exercise bike later if I am very good!

Curious about the 1lb gain too shining, let's hope we are just toning up :-)

Kate - any more waffles today????

pregnantpause Tue 06-Aug-13 20:11:34

Evening folks. Well done red and shining, I commend anyone who can go to either the dentist or soft play and refrain themselves from gorginggrin

I made the mistake of taking DC to the cinema on an empty stomach today. only afterwards did I discover the calorie content of my consumptionsad here goes

Breakfast- 2 poached eggs on a slice of buttered toast (at this point the toast was a treat for myself as my eating plan for the day was so saintly)
Dinner- salmon and broccoli stir fry, with peppers, beansprouts,mushrooms, ginger and garlic.
Tea- cinema nachos (900 cals if anyone is considering them next time you go to the fliksshock ) and 16 gummy sweets. sad

you won't be surprised to hear that I have chosen to forego the chorizo and egg salad that was planned for this evening.

I have done some exercise though, a 5 mile cycle, and the shred. Still, 900calories! I'm reeling from that, I mean the cheese is so melty and processed you know it's not good for you, but 900calories! They should come with a warning!

KateBeckett Tue 06-Aug-13 20:23:04

Haha no waffles... Yet ;)

Breakfast was cereal with skimmed milk

Lunch poached eggs with smoked salmon and an English muffin.

DP and I went for a mooch around a local market town and stopped for a coffee and cake, didn't eat all of it and walked up a huuuuge hill to compensate!

Dinner was more smoked salmon with a slice of toast, chive Philly and salad (you inspired me red- nom nom) no pud yet, but I have a no added sugar vimto jelly or muller light yoghurt later if I want. Dreaming of more waffles but the cals are horrific.

No excersise today as I pulled my neck yesterday and I want to give it a rest so I don't do myself a proper injury.

On phone so will check back later and reply to everyone!

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