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Can we have a thread to list every day what we've eaten?

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shiningcadence Thu 01-Aug-13 15:51:26

Hi, I've recently started cutting down ready for my holiday at the end of Aug. also my 3 year old asked me why I had a big bum grin

I'm not calorie counting per se because I haven't got the time but I've cut down lots and am eating quite healthily most days.

I'm still tempted by the odd treat though and I think a massive motivation for me would be if I knew I was coming on here every evening to list what I'd eaten that day. Does anyone else else think this would help them? If so, please join!

I also think it might be helpful to see what others are eating to give me ideas for healthy snacks and meals.

Also, is anyone excercising as well as cutting down? I haven't got the time to do any 'proper' excercise (sahm with 3 dc, dh works long hours, no family nearby etc) but I've been doing squats and arm lifts when the dc are playing and have also been hula hooping in the garden grin - I find this a really good way to tone up my stomach. What excercises are others doing? Any tips for excercises that can fit around the dc?

I will be back this evening to list what I've eaten and what excercise I've done today - hopefully this'll keep me on track this afternoon smile

redmayneslips Thu 01-Aug-13 18:50:52

Hi there
I'll join you for support, I started a thread about something similar on chat but this is a more appropriate place.

My dh is having a significant birthday in Aug and we are going away for a week and vanity is making me take control of what I eat (having been very lax all summer so far) I would like to lose about 7 or 8 lbs.

Today so far i had:

Breakfast: 3 x crackers with butter and sliced banana, small glass of juice and a coffee with low fat milk

1 coffee in work with low fat milk

Lunch: wholemeal bread sandwich with 2 slices of chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, sprint onion and a tiny spoonful of coleslaw. Glass of water

Afternoon: had a friend over so had a cup of tea and a sliver of cake (just to be polite!)

Dinner: king prawn red thai curry with extra veg - carrot, celery, mange tout, pepper and boiled rice. Water to drink

Supper....who knows, maybe a low fat yoghurt maybe nothing, depends how hungry I get later.

How's your day going so far?

shiningcadence Thu 01-Aug-13 19:30:54

Hi, thanks for joining smile

That's good that you have an idea of how much you want to lose - I haven't a clue. I don't even know how much I weigh blush I just go by how my clothes feel I guess. But my youngest is 3 and I still haven't shifted the baby weight. Day to day it doesn't bother me but we've booked a lovely holiday, haven't been abroad for 4 years, and I'm determined to look half decent!

Will you do any excercise today? Though I guess if you're working you'll be burning calories. The dc wanted to stay in today, playing in the pool and in the garden, so I haven't been burning many calories so I've tried not to eat too much today. So far I've had:

For breakfast: muller rice with strawberries, coffee with semi skimmed milk and one (brown) sugar

Snack: raisins, dried cranberries and cashew nuts with 2 squares of melted dark chocolate

Lunch: breadsticks and carrot sticks with houmous. A handful of sweet corn (I know the sweetcorn's a bit random, I just fancied some grin)

Snack: Alpen light bar and a coffee

Dinner: 3 Quorn chicken style dippers, low fat coleslaw, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce.

Lots of water to drink all day.

I have been naughty though and pinched a couple of chips off dd1's plate (with a dollop of ketchup blush ) and dd3 had one of those choco dips and I pinched a stick with a dollop of chocolate. Lol.

I think I'll have a low fat yogurt later too.

It's funny because I used to eat loads and always felt hungry but now that I've been gradually eating less I never feel hungry. It's as though your stomach shrinks/expands depending on what you eat. Do you feel the same? I was worried I'd be going to bed hungry - and I was at first, but now I'm absolutely fine.

I've also done 5 mins on the hula hoop (much to the dc amusement!) I know it sounds like a strange way to lose weight but honestly, it works. And you don't feel like you're doing excercise at all.

DiaryOfAWimpyMum Thu 01-Aug-13 19:34:08

Mine was terrible today but I will try do better:

Beans on toast (wholemeal bread) supposed to be low carbing but


Cappachino x 2
Tea x 5 skimmed milk

Chicken with peppers and veg stir fry

more toast with lurpack

I Wont eat bread tomorrow, DC are here so I bought some.

shiningcadence Thu 01-Aug-13 21:02:45

DiaryOfAWimpyMum I am very jealous of your Kit-Kat sad

I am a chocolate addict so I've had to had to go cold turkey (kind of, allow myself a couple of squares of dark chocolate every so often).

I looked into low carbing but I don't think I've got the time or energy to be planning meals like that. This way I just eat less and hopefully that will mean weight loss!

Tomorrow will probably be a naughty day for me as we are going out for food. Will report back tomorrow evening.

KateBeckett Thu 01-Aug-13 21:15:19

Hi can I join in? DP and I are trying to cut down and excersise in preparation for our holiday in a couple of weeks... Might have left it a bit late tho!!


Breakfast was a bowl of Special K mixed with friaries a skimmed milk.

Then went to the gym, 5 min of interval training on the bike and then a swim ( plus some jogging in the pool as I'm not a strong enough swimmer to burn much)

Then lunch - a banana / peanut butter / honey / protein powder smoothie ( thanks DP :/ ) half a tin of minestrone soup and 1 slice of bread.

Dinner was nandos blush butterfly chicken breast with no skin and Luso beans, with water followed by 1 1/2 espresso macchiatos and 1 Nutella filled pastry things at a little Italian coffee shop and a scoop of Ben and jerrys chic brownie frozen yoghurt at the cinema.

Will be doing some wii fit yoga before bed to work off the cinema snacks!!

KateBeckett Thu 01-Aug-13 21:16:53

Ha! Friaries = frosties :D

shiningcadence Thu 01-Aug-13 21:34:00

Wow KateBeckett really impressed with all that exercise! You more than deserved your treats!

What exercises do you do on the wii fit? The dc have got wii fit, I'll have to give it a go if it's any good.

I just had a Muller yogurt drink to add to what I've eaten already today.

KateBeckett Thu 01-Aug-13 22:54:40

Aww thanks Cadence smile Was the first day of the new regime, and it was a shock to the system!

The Wii fit is quite good actually, I use it for yoga and some strength exercises (squats etc) and there is a good hula hoop game on there too! smile The second one is really good, you can create your own sequences and it tells you how many calories you've burnt.

Currently trying to distract myself from eating... bed soon to avoid the temptation!!

redmayneslips Fri 02-Aug-13 09:15:51

Hello ladies, nice to have a bunch of us all aiming for the same thing - holidays :-)

I didn't have a yoghurt last night as I found a low fat cadbury's hot choc drink sachet in the cupboard and had that instead and it was perfect, totally took away the desire for the habit of tea and a biscuit watching tv in the evening! Have a few of them there so might just use them for a few evenings.

Friday, friday...always a bit of a temptation for me to say 'feck it, lets's get a takeaway and a bottle of wine when dc in bed' but I am determined this time not to. Dc and I meeting friends in afternoon so will have to be good snacking wise too.

I tried on the outfit for my dh's party last night and after a week of being very good it is already feeling better and I am feeling good about that. It's nothing too fancy - but I got very nice pale grey skinny jeans with a top and it is pretty unforgiving so I want it to look good!

Off to work now - have a great day ladies - chat later!

KateBeckett Fri 02-Aug-13 11:04:32

Hmmmm well I had a midnight snack of bread an Nutella as couldn't sleep and was really hungry! Regretting it now!

Going to go swimming again tonight and hoping to fit in a 30 day shred (eek!) hopefully that will make up for it. Actually kind of annoyed with myself this morning, which is unusual- I don't normally worry too much about what I eat. Ah well, today is a new day!

Your outfit for the party sounds lovely red smile

shiningcadence Fri 02-Aug-13 13:04:24

Oh you've got to be kidding me! I just typed out a massive reply and it bloody disappeared! Grrr! I have to go out now so I can't type it out again at the moment. I will be back later instead.

Can't believe that! sad

Hope all is going well for you today ladies. Speak later!

redmayneslips Fri 02-Aug-13 18:23:24

Evening everyone,
So, how did Friday pan out for you all?

I did ok so far (but the night is young yet ;-) )
I have an unexpected opportunity to meet dh for lunch so had a main meal then instead of now, so here's how today went:

Breakfast: 3 x sesame rye crackers with butter and banana, coffee with low fat milk

work: coffee with low fat milk

lunch: (In a restaurant) hake with samphire, steamed new potatoes (with butter - it's the law), veg and salad, tiny pot of delicious tartare sauce which i didn't finish
homemade lemonade / water

Home now and don't know what to have for tea as having the bigger lunch has thrown my dinner plans and dc are not here. Plus i crumbled and bought 4 x cans of pre-mixed gin & tonics in Aldi on the way home - they are my new discovery and I LOVE them, am tempted by one now, but it is so early that if I do, I will have more than one and then get the munchies and ruin all my good work so far.

I may make scrambled egg on wholemeal toast and have that soonish and then think about the gin!

Happy Friday to you all.......!

shiningcadence Fri 02-Aug-13 21:23:33

Evening all.

Well, I'm not even going to list what I've eaten today because I'm so ashamed of myself. lets just say it included chips, a veggie burger, full fat mayo, ice cream, cake, crisps, chocolate and coffee with full fat milk blush In my defence, it was my friend's birthday but I feel a bit annoyed at myself for giving in so easily and losing all the willpower i've built up over the past few weeks. I tried to do some hula hooping when I got in half hour ago but I've eaten so much the movement made me feel ill blush So I've resigned myself to the fact I'll just be flaking out on the sofa tonight sad

Right I'm going to post this bit then add more in another post to avoid losing a massive post like I did earlier.

shiningcadence Fri 02-Aug-13 21:35:09

kate I know what you mean about evening temptation! I think for me it was getting out of the habit of sitting down in the evenings with a cuppa and a biscuit or 5 I saw that as my 'me' time - a reward for a hard day with the dc grin

When I first started cutting down I really felt the temptation in the evenings but honestly, it does get easier. I am absolutely fine now and don't even think about snacking in the evenings. I also think that chocolate and sweet treats are a kind of addiction and it's hard to break that cycle - I'm trying my best to break it but not brave enough to go completely without sweet treats so I'm trying to eat low/healthier versions when I do crave something sweet like a couple of squares of dark chocolate mixed with raisins and cashew nuts for example or a Jaffa cake or an Alpen light bar.

shiningcadence Fri 02-Aug-13 21:45:14

Also, thank you for the wii tips, will have to dig it out. Did you manage to do your planned exercises today?

red I think clothes are a great marker to weight loss, you can really see the difference that good eating has made by how different your clothes look and feel. And it's lovely when you try on an outfit that looks and feels better than it did before - a real reward for our hard work smile

You were very good today considering it's Friday smile
What did you have for dinner after?

KateBeckett Sat 03-Aug-13 09:21:42

So yesterday was a bit rubbish, didn't mange to go or a swim, but did do the shred - I am feeling it now I can tell you! Ended up going to bed really early (for me) as I was so tired I was falling asleep on the sofa.

Food-wise was okay:
Breakfast- a bandanna and an apple
Lunch - omelette with loads of veggies
Dinner- spaghetti with leeks peas and pesto

Snacks - 6 celebrations and some Nutella blush I really need to kick my Nutella habit...

So not too bad, but not brilliant either. Today I am having a bigger breakfast as I don't think yesterday's breakfast was very satisfying. I'm also going to try and snack in fruit instead of chocolate, I have bought some apples, grapes and strawberries which will hopefully satisfy the sweet tooth.

Don't worry about yesterday cadence just do some exercise today to balance it out. I heard a good tip from somewhere - to think about your diet and exercise weekly instead of daily, so if you have a day where things don't go quite to plan it's not the end of the world. Helps me when I give in to the Nutella! ;)

Have a good Saturday everyone smile

DiaryOfAWimpyMum Sat 03-Aug-13 09:34:11



2 slices brown toast


ww meal - lemon chicken risotta
orange ice lolly


tea x 5 - no sugar uht milk
vodka + vimto x 2

redmayneslips Sat 03-Aug-13 14:25:31

Shining...don't dwell on the party blow out, in fact I think when you are cutting back a lot 99% of the time, the odd blow out does you good and keeps the metabolism going.

Dh suggested chinese and a movie last night since we had a dc free night, I was VEEEEEEERY tempted, but was actually really tired after a hectic week in work and a month of very busy weekends so after a sit down with a G&T and a think i decided to have a quiet one instead (SO not like me!). We rented a dvd (cloud atlas - excellent if you haven't seen it) and i did make scrambled eggs & toast. But then I had a second G&T and a handful of pringles and 3 triangles of toblerone when we were watching the movie, so not great really (but could have been a LOT worse if I'd gone to the chinese!)

We're off to the inlaws now for a visit (and that ALWAYS makes me reach for the cake and then the vodka....)

So far today I have had:

Breakfast: 1 slice of toasted fruit loaf with butter, coffee with low fat milk & juice

Lunch: wholemeal bread BLT sandwich, heavy on the lettuce and tomato, light on the bacon (2 small strips of grilled streaky bacon, not the healthiest choice but we had it in the fridge and needed something quick and easy before getting in the car)

Dinner: no idea....but it will be late by the time we're back so could well be chinese or fish'n'chips etc

I am likely to have coffee and a cake while we are out. But I think feck it, if I have to put up with my PITA in-laws the least damage I can do is have a piece of cake!

Back later - good luck today everyone :-)

shiningcadence Sat 03-Aug-13 15:06:12

Aww thanks both, I feel a bit better about my blow out now smile

I've been a lot better today. I've had:

Breakfast: Muller rice and strawberries, coffee with semi skimmed milk and 1 brown sugar

Snack: an apple

I decided to have a bowl of cereal for lunch so had Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Cornflakes

Lots of water to drink.

And I found a good exercise video on YouTube so did that for half hour.

Here's hoping the day continues this way!

red good luck with your in laws!

KateBeckett Sat 03-Aug-13 17:11:36

Having a good day so far!

Breakfast was all bran and half a bananna and an innocent fruit smoothie

Lunch was a baked sweet potato, half with baked beans and half with homemade guacamole because I couldn't decide!

Snack so far is just an apple smile

Dinner will be turkey meatballs with Thai veg curry, made with low fat coconut milk.

Did the shred again this morning and DP and I went out or a walk to try and find a mic antique shop- we couldn't find it but did find a lovely wool shop instead smile plus I am going to try and go for that swim later! If I keep saying it, it will happen eventually!

Red I think you did well with the movie, I always end up eating loads when DP and I sit down for a film! Hope the in laws visit goes okay!

shiningcadence Sat 03-Aug-13 20:43:09

Evening all.

I've had a better day today:

Muller rice with strawberries

An apple

Crunchy Nut Cornflakes

Special K 'Biscuit Moments' blueberry flavour (these are new out and lovely btw, 2 biscuits is 99 calories)

A cheese and tomato omelette (only had a tiny bit of cheese, promise smile)

Carrot sticks and houmous

A banana

3 Jaffa cakes blush

X3 coffees (1 sugar, ss milk)

Lots of water.

Did half hour exercise and also did little bits of exercise whilst watching tv - squats, lunges etc.)

I am still drinking my last cup of coffee and feeling nice and full so not planning on eating/drinking any more tonight.

kate I dug the wii out and my 3 dc pounced on it. Funny that they haven't given it a thought for about a year but as soon as I wanted to have a go they were all over it grin dd1 is currently playing tennis and I am still waiting my turn!

redmayneslips Sat 03-Aug-13 22:12:48

Good evening ladies, you all did great today considering it is a weekend and a bank holiday at that.

The trip to in-laws went surprisingly well, it can be very up and down (complicated family) but today was short and unusually sweet.

I did ok-ish on the food front in the end, had a coffee and a small slice of BIL's birthday cake at about 5pm

Just had a cup of tea at MIL's

We needed to eat on the way home as it is quite a long drive and it wad getting late for dc. Ended up stopping for fish & chips in a town we don't know very well and it was really crap - horrible stodgy fish etc. So the up-side is we all at very little indeed! It was enough to get us home, and it broke up the journey and we got to use the bathroom etc but we will NEVER stop there again!

Home now, dc eating cereal and once in bed I am having a gin & tonic (I am not really a lush - trips to in-laws require fortifying!) have a second movie (a special deal) so we have 'Hick' with my favourite Eddie Redmayne grin

Tomorrow is another day!

shiningcadence Sun 04-Aug-13 14:00:18

Ooh my thighs are a bit sore today after all that squatting and lunging yesterday! I finally managed to get on the wii too but the batteries had gone in the board so I did jogging, tennis and bowling on wii sports.

I went swimming today, forgotten how exhausting it is!

I haven't eaten much today so far, just a muller rice and a banana.

red I'm glad it went ok at your in laws. And of course it's the law to have cake on people's birthdays grin

Is it really a bank holiday this weekend? I didn't realise!

DiaryOfAWimpyMum Sun 04-Aug-13 14:03:33

I forgot to come on again yesterday hmm

I had a bit of a stressful day so:

breakfast - 2 slices wholemeal toast with lurpack

Went to see a friend with a new coffe/cappachino maker and had 3 cappachinos and 4 cups of tea throughout the day, then went to bed and forgot about lunch and dinner

Trying the 30 day shred but so far can only do 10 mins, my upper and lower abs ache bad though, I am pleased to know they are still there --under all the fat--`

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