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always overeat by the same amount each day.

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apatchylass Wed 26-Jun-13 22:09:21

Been counting up what I eat and realised whether I try to stay healthy or don't really notice what I eat, I have the same amount of excess calories every day. I seem not to stop feeling hungry until I've eaten 2 500 cals a day.

Can anyone recommend a good website or book about overeating or how to overcome the danger zones in the day? It's not exactly comfort or emotional eating, but I definitely get a sugar level drop (or what feels like one) at around 4pm and snort about 500 cals, then still feel hungry for tea in two hours time.

Just need to break that 4pm guzzle and then intake would go down to 2000 cals of three healthy meals a day.

MegBusset Wed 26-Jun-13 22:11:46

What are you eating that's 500 cals? Sounds like it's more a question of what you eat, than how much. What do you eat for lunch?

apatchylass Thu 27-Jun-13 15:53:21

Thanks for replying, Meg.

500 cals at 4pm is usually made up of either a couple of handfuls of almonds and a piece of fresh fruit or cheese and pretzels, then at 5pm I normally have a small glass of wine, as I like one when I'm cooking (don't drink anything else all evening.)

Or I'll have a bag of crisps from the children's snack cupboard, and a yoghurt then that glass of wine - those three things add up to 450 cals, and yet I still feel hungry when we sit down at 6pm.

Today's lunch was ham and lettuce sandwich - no butter - and a low fat yoghurt with strawberries and banana sliced into it, with a cup of tea.

Really need to crack this, as I am just too fat!

TinaSurrey Fri 28-Jun-13 10:01:25

I found that after a while of forcing myself not to "snack" at a certain time of day I broke the "feeling hungry" at that time habit. It doesn't take long - even in just a week.

If you drink a diet coke it fills you up a bit to keep going until tea time. If you have to eat try bowl of cereal. If you "need" crisps try Walkers Baked - they are yummy & much lower in calories that normal crisps. Even the kids love them! Also slim fast choc milkshake works for me as I get the treat of chocolate taste & it fills me up. Of course what I should be saying is have a piece of fruit but given I know I wouldn't I thought I'd give you what worked for me. Habit now broken & I ride through until tea time!!

Prozacbear Fri 28-Jun-13 13:16:20

What are you eating in your actual meals?

I'd be starving after a ham and lettuce sandwich, yoghurt and some fruit! I remember eating lunches like that and getting a huge sugar drop in the afternoon - because most breads have a high sugar content, low-fat yoghurts generally are quite sugary, and fruit also has sugar.

Now I will have breakfast of protein/veg - smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and mushrooms and spinach. Lunch is a big piece of protein (chicken mostly) with a salad and some veg and a 'wise' carb like quinoa. Supper generally fish with veg or if DP is being grumpy a healthy stew - he'll have potatoes/mash on the side.

Very light on carbs I know, but the only way I can lose weight and eat portions that will keep me full, is to protein-load (not cheese). I do drink still - some things are sacred.

Don't know if that would work for you?

apatchylass Fri 28-Jun-13 14:01:23

Prozacbear, that's really interesting. I'm going to give your way a go. High protein, low sugar, low carb/good carbs.

funnily enough I've been thinking: I don't much like UK breakfasts. I'd prefer to eat as the chinese do at breakfast with proper veg and protein. And you already do!

Not today however, as it's DH's birthday and we're out for both lunch and dinner blush celebrations. It sounds feeble to say i'll start tomorrow, but I really REALLY will!

Breakfast of egg and spinach, lunch of veg soup probably, tea of chopped roast lamb and salad. Does that sound healthy and pro-weightloss? Seems v high protein to me...

Preeta Thu 12-Sep-13 10:30:25

You feel hungry initially but it takes only a week or so for your tummy to contract and accept the new way of life. Simply replace unhealthy food with zero calories stuff like salads, healthy fruits like oranges, etc for snacks. Water melon is good option it fills tummy without adding calories. Cantaloupe is another good option, papaya.

plantsitter Thu 12-Sep-13 10:45:17

I have been reading 'Eating less' by Gillian Riley. She says some useful things about accepting food cravings for what they are, and not being afraid of (temporary) hunger. You kind of have to change your whole viewpoint about food and dieting though. I'm finding it v refreshing (and I'm eating less too).

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