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Day 9- struggling!

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eslteacher Tue 11-Jun-13 21:39:25

I agree that the two extremes - boredom and stress - are the worst for starting to feel like only eating something will make you feel better...

I read something in Ruth Watson's recipe book 'Fat Girl Slim' that made sense to me: one way to stop obsessing about wanting to eat food that you shouldn't, is to involve yourself with food in different ways. i.e. cook something fairly involving and long. Either to freeze for later consumption or to eat later that day. I find this really works! I came in from work starving this evening, but I had to make a bolognese to eat when my parents arrive to stay the day after tomorrow, in a fairly limited timeframe, plus make a dinner for this evening. It worked: I stopped thinking about how hungry I was, because I was trying to get these other meals ready. But then I enjoy cooking, so maybe it's not a solution for everyone...

Otherwise, what about chewing gum? I like the Hollywood red fruit one...sugar free, tastes good and actually stops you from being able to shove biscuits or random fridge items in your mouth!

HaPPy8 Tue 11-Jun-13 18:36:12

Keep going! I am on day 16, was a struggle today for me partly because of the weather ( i find it much easier on sunny days where I get out and about) but also because I had to do some work from home, and i find it very hard to pick when sat at a desk at home. Have made it to now though without too much damage. Am out tonight for a girls night around a friends house and will need to be very careful with nibbles. Have saved some calories for the occasion but must be restrained!

CuppaTea83 Tue 11-Jun-13 18:30:04

I'm on day 4 at the moment. I've had a few reeeally hungry moments so I know how you feel.
However hard it is, as somebody else mentioned- stop thinking about food! Once I get it in my head I'm hungry I torture myself with thoughts of food when I should just try to take my mind off it!
Well done on your loss so far. smile

Megsdaughter Tue 11-Jun-13 14:42:58

If you would like to pm me I can add you on my mfp friends list if you would like.

Megsdaughter Tue 11-Jun-13 14:41:35

How did you work it out.

I often have a toast dinner ( I do my roasties, by par boiling them then spraying inside a plastic bag with oil adding salt herbs and garlic paste. Put potatoes in shake then tip into a non stick pan and roast.

75g are 60 calories.

I just have the breast meat 1 cup is 231 calories

Add steamed veg and a smattering of gravy and its not too bad.

Erebus Tue 11-Jun-13 14:32:02

Yes! Have just entertained myself doing a couple of bits of ironing- and calculating the calorific value of dinner <gulp>. On my original calculations, it was 742 cals! For a roast chicken dinner with one med roastie!

But I worked out that if I have 100g lean chicken, one small boiled spud and a couple of hundred grams of boiled veg, splash of gravy, it'll come in at a still surprising 432 cals; so I guess I have to go on the treadmill.

MFP tells me my 2 miles very brisk walk (4 mph, 30 mins) will 'buy' me 190 cals.

Megsdaughter Tue 11-Jun-13 13:58:41

Boredom is the killer smile.

Erebus Tue 11-Jun-13 13:46:25

Thanks everyone- even knowing you guys are there is helpful!

Day 166 and here's me falling over on Day 9 blush

No, I don't think I will succumb, and, thankfully for me, if I do, it'll be an apple not a packet of biscuits or a litre of ice cream! I am lucky that my relationship with food could be described as 'lazy', not 'dysfunctional'.

I am going to go off and do something else, and yes, I think I will do a treadmill session later! I think a bit of boredom is the issue.

Megsdaughter Tue 11-Jun-13 13:41:14

I'm on day 166 and still get days like it.

I find the only way to stop thinking is to go and do something.

I even cleaned my windows the other day!!!

ihatethecold Tue 11-Jun-13 13:36:54

Have a big drink of water.
Have a think about how hungry you are?

Is it 5/10 or 8/10

Are you bored?
Wait 20 mins to see if you're still hungry smile

Megsdaughter Tue 11-Jun-13 13:35:05

Can you go and do some exercise ? I have a step and on a day off when I feel like this I do half hour step ( started out with the bottom step of the stairs before I bought one)

That way you stop thinking if food. And earn yourself more calories to have an extra roastie

Erebus Tue 11-Jun-13 13:32:19

Am CC'ing. I say I am on a 49 day diet (til the DC's school hols) but it's actually a 52 day diet... to confuse matters!

I started at 12/1 and am now 11/10 but AF happened in the first few days so not a fair 'loss'. Am MFP recording, to 1200 a day and 3 x 2miles fast walk/jog a week (treadmill)

However, today, I'm struggling a bit. I can't stop thinking about food! I have 650 cals remaining and will have a roast tonight (no skin, drip of gravy, one roast spud!). Also, being on a day off puts temptation in my way, in and out of the kitchen.

I must work through this! I so want to feel good about myself come the holidays!

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