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Anyone want to join me in a May/June/July weight loss challenge?

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Murtette Tue 30-Apr-13 20:27:40

I've realised that its 1st May tomorrow, that there are 13 weeks during May, June & July and that I want to lose a stone before going on holiday in the first week of August. So, if I can lose a lb a week for each of those 13 weeks, I'll have cracked it. Anyone else want to join me?
My plan is to have 1300 calories a day except for Sundays when I'll have between 1500 - 1600, do Zumba twice a week and finally get the Shred out of its packaging and do that a couple of times a week. I think my downfall is that, on the two days I work in an office, I'll have little control over what I have for lunch as always eat in the canteen with colleagues and there's little choice so I need to control what & how much I eat there.
I'm 11st10 today and want to be 10st10 by 1st August. If I can lose 1.5lbs a week, then I'd be 10st3 which would be brilliant as then I'd be a few pounds into my "ideal" BMI as opposed to still being "overweight" which I will be at 10st10.

DottyboutDots Tue 14-May-13 10:11:31

Lots of weight loss this week. What an encouragement. 12 weeks before holidays for some of you, that's a solid amount of time. I wish i had started this earlier.

On Monday, we usually play squash and then go out for dinner with a couple afterwards. I had a cosmopolitan, a glass of wine and a grilled veggie stack starter instead of the usual steak with vegetables and a handful of dh's chips. I was full.

Is anyone weighing themselves daily? I don't have the will power not to. Not least in that the first figure is the lowest in four years, so I keep wanting to check.

Dingle Tue 14-May-13 11:37:31

I weigh several times a week Dotty and I have done for some time. I do fluctuate quite a bit, especially as I have IBS and shall we say, I am not exactly "regular!" LOL blushblush

Murtette Tue 14-May-13 20:36:50

I weighed in yesterday after my disasterous weekend away and weighed 11st 7lb so had put on a 1lb but weighed again this morning and was back down to 11st 6lb. DS turns one in a week's time and I desperately want to be 11st 4lb by then as that was the highest I ever weighed pre-DC and the weight I got down to for a few days between DC (morning all day sickness with DC did have some benefits!).
I'll be shredding shortly for the first time in a week and will be going to zumba tomorrow so should be back on the exercise wagon.

RubySlippers77 Tue 14-May-13 21:38:48

After many runs and being careful with what I ate, I lost a measly 1lb last week sad still, better than gaining 1lb I guess, and I did have a couple of glasses of wine so maybe can't expect more!

I only weigh once a week, probably a habit ingrained after years of going to Weight Watchers.....

riverboat - I can empathise about the food - I was so desperate for something sweet to eat about 4pm, and had nothing with me at work!! Could have been a good thing though, had I had a big bag of Maltesers I would have scoffed the lot!!

wizzler Tue 14-May-13 22:33:05

Ruby if you lost 1 lb a week you would be over 3.5 stone lighter in a year, and you don't need to lose that much.... slow but sure is the best way

RubySlippers77 Wed 15-May-13 12:23:51

That's very true wizzler, thank you for reminding me. I do feel slimmer but I want the scales to reflect that!!

I may have to try the Yoga Meltdown for toning up - is it relaxing too, that's what I associate with yoga?! I was rubbish at Pilates but it's worth a try...

Murtette Wed 15-May-13 21:34:02

Ruby sometimes I feel as though the scales are playing catch up with me and that I'm feeling/looking thinner but weigh the same. And if you only lose 1lb a week over the three months, that will still be a stone gone.
A good day today... stuck to calories & did zumba.

tumbletumble Thu 16-May-13 08:39:36

Don't worry Ruby, I think slow steady weight loss is better - more likely to stay off IME.

I also weigh several times a week, but I have one "proper" weigh in day which is the one I write down. This week I gained 1lb on my weigh in day compared to last week, but I just weighed myself this morning and I'm down 2lb since then so I think I must have been bloated or something. I'm really proud of myself for having a bad weigh in but remaining motivated and following it up with a good couple of days, rather than consoling myself with the help of the biscuit tin!

I have a few different motivation points - a 40th this weekend, a wedding in mid July, and we're going on holiday at the end of August. I also have an interim goal of getting to a healthy BMI of 25 - need to lose another 11lb from today's weight to get there.

eslteacher Thu 16-May-13 08:50:05

Ruby - Yoga Meltdown is relaxing compared to some other exercise DVDs, but its not the first word that springs to mind when describing it! Its a challenge, it really pushes you on core strength stuff.

I sympathise too re: weight loss. I dropped 0.6kg really quickly a few days into making diet and exercise changes, but since then (approx week ago) I've lostnothing! I knew it would be like this though, my weight is generally resistant to change in either direction unless its really gradual over time. Also, I prefer to go on how clothes feel and how I feel in myself, rather than the scales. I'd do measurements but its such a faff!

I've had a good few days since I last checked in. Less hungry, lots of exercise and nice healthy food, and have stayed under my calorie target. I have discovered red fruit flavoured sugar free Hollywood gum for when I just want to shove something into my mouth. Its really nice and takes away the danger of ramming in biscuits / crisps / crap.

Dingle Thu 16-May-13 19:21:14

This rotten head cold has really set me back with my exercise and yesterday I didn't even bother counting calories either! I was feeling rather low and sorry for myself.

I have just had a lovely beef casserole, which I bulked out with carrots, onions and peas. I even trialed putting in a scoopful of some red split lentils but I think I will have to increase the amount next time. We still had a good sized portion, scooped into a large yorkshire pudding! blush I have got some left, enough to freeze or perhaps have for lunch tomorrow. I am aiming to reduce the meat and increase the veg proportions.

I haven't a clue how to calorie count for that though!

eslteacher Thu 16-May-13 19:43:32

Dingle - sorry to hear you're still feeling bad. I think that is exactly the kind of thing that could make me just feel sorry for myself and give up with the whole endeavour - I guess the secret to making sustained change is not giving in to that. I think you definitely shouldn't try to exercise or restrict your eating too much if you're feeling crap, you just need to be ready to hop back on the bandwagon when you're feeling better. Hope that is soon!

FWIW, I made a pork casserole at the weekend and tried to calorie count it but it took ages. I weighed everything as I put it in the pot and looked up the calories and totted up the list. But then I realised I didn't know if all the calorie counts I had used were for raw or cooked weight, which considering everything loses weight in cooking meant I was left having no real idea what my finished casserole contained in terms of calories. I did however learn that pork shoulder contains more calories than I would have thought, and stock cubes contain very little.

Dingle Thu 16-May-13 20:05:47

I have just counted things like 1 raw carrot, because I put 4 in, 1/4 of a raw onion...etc...I thought I'd done OK today but the giant yorkshire pudding was obviously a step too far! I am at 1674 calories.

Just watching "Secret Eaters!" LOL

Murtette Thu 16-May-13 20:58:06

Dingle - sorry to hear you're ill.
I had a cheeky mid-week weigh in today and was delighted to be at 11st 4, which was my goal for next Tues. As usual, this means I've been more relaxed today and so have had about 200cal more than I should have done. I now want to try & lose another 2lbs by Tues. Off to do the Shred now.
Tumble - I've got 12lbs to go until I'm a healthy BMI. That's my main goal. It would be so nice to know that I wasn't officially overweight.

Dingle Thu 16-May-13 21:26:47

Murtette you are about the same as me, I weighed in at 11st 3lb last weigh in but I will be very lucky to lose anything this week.

Murtette Thu 16-May-13 22:25:10

Aaaahhhh - haven't Shredded & its now 10.30 & I'm going to bed.
Dingle & Tumble - what height are you? I'm 5'4" so need to be 10st6 to be a healthy BMI.

Dingle Thu 16-May-13 23:25:22

I am 5'5"...........not sure what I want to lose yet. Long term somewhere between 9st7lb and 10st7lb.

tumbletumble Fri 17-May-13 07:05:07

Riverboat, I think most calories are based on uncooked weight?

Murette I'm 5'8" so a healthy BMI is 11st 10lb. I'm aiming for a stone lower in the longer term.

No exercise yesterday (I had to miss my pilates class) but my food intake was good. Will try to go to the gym today.

RubySlippers77 Fri 17-May-13 15:14:23

dingle, I'm with you - at 5' 5" I need to lose at least half a stone (last weigh in I was 10st 12lb). Good news and bad news from me today - I put on a top I hadn't worn for a while and it was much looser, yay! - then tried on a bikini and thought oh dear oh dear..... Must keep going with the running and low carbing!!

Dingle Fri 17-May-13 15:18:36

I have just thought...I don't need to lose weight....I just need to grow a foot taller! wink

Murtette Fri 17-May-13 22:52:25

Dingle - I have had the same realisation! Just 4 measly inches and I'd be a healthy weight as I am now.
OK on the food again today; no exercise; probably not enough water drunk. Thinking I need to get one of those apps to remind me to drink water.

wizzler Sat 18-May-13 16:57:13

Murtette, Ruby and Dingle.. I am also 5ft 5" but am currently 11 at 9lbs sad... also aiming for 10st 6lbs. ... seems a long way away. Have not had a malteser for a whole week now......

Murtette Sat 18-May-13 21:55:08

Shred just done. Within calories today too. I've realised I have to do the exercise to lose weight. Feel as though I deserve a big loss having done the Shred at 9.30 on a Sat night!

eslteacher Sun 19-May-13 10:25:06

Yesterday morning I unexpectedly had a 0.2kg loss on the scales. Unfortunately I then went to a really posh wedding-style christening, where I think I must have eaten at least 2000 cals what with insanely delicious and abundant canapes, starter, main, cheese, dessert and endless wine/champagne. Decided notbto hold myself back too much as the food on offer was so wonderful it would have felt like a sin to snub it!

Had an informal wedding reception on Fri night too where the food was a buffet and though the champagne there put me over my cals, I was quite restrained with the food.

So, no weigh in this morning as am in hotel, but got to try and get back on the bandwagon for today and next week. Just got to get through the official christening 'brunch' today then back on home ground...

Murtette Sun 19-May-13 22:11:46

River - some food is definitely too good to be missed.
I've just shredded again. I feel as though I'm getting back into the exercise habit again which is good. Zumba tomorrow night.

DottyboutDots Mon 20-May-13 10:12:46

Had a 1.5kg weight gain shocker, over the weekend!! Not right as I swam and ate healthily, though i did go to a party and have around 6 vodkas. Still, that's not 10,500 kcals.

No idea what's going on so am going to try and cut back on scales and pull out....... the measuring tape.

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