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Starting cake business

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PancakesAndMapleSyrup Sun 12-Nov-17 17:19:06

Hi i was just wondering if anyone had any advice about starting a cake business. Ive called EH for an inspection and got a food safety cert. I also have got a few people interested in getting cakes. I really would like to do more of the wedding size but am strugling with time management! If anyone has any advice it would be most welcome. Cheers Pancakes

Wawawaa Sun 12-Nov-17 17:30:23

Watching with interest as I'm also looking into this. Do you need to have a second sink installed in your kitchen to pass the inspection? That's not really an option for me which is why I haven't been able to do this yet. But I've been thinking about starting up anyway and doing it on a 'voluntary payment' basis in order to get around some of the regulations... I won't earn as much but at least I'll be up and running.

MaryMaryFairlyContrary Thu 21-Dec-17 19:19:59

Re sink, you just need to have somewhere to wash your hands away from food prep areas, your bathroom will be fine for this if you're working from home.

The regulations apply if you are producing cakes that will be consumed by large numbers of people, even if you are not receiving payment at all. There isn't really any 'getting around' the regs.

The biggest challenge with a home based business is going to be keeping separation between 'home' and 'business'. so e.g. you will either need a separate fridge for your cake prep, or some pretty robust and watertight separation procedures to ensure that there is no cross contamination from, say, raw veg in your fridge for your family use and the cake that you will be serving to the public.

Do you have pets/DCs? You will need to demonstrate that they also follow the procedures i.e. not entering the food prep area while wearing non-'sterile' clothing etc...

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