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Inspiration needed!

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SheSparkles Fri 22-Sep-17 10:46:58

Fool that I am I've said I'll bake for ds' football team's post match party!

It's on Sunday and I'm all out of ideas...22 hungry 15 year olds and parents, can anyone suggest simple but tasty cakes and traybakes?

insomniac123 Fri 22-Sep-17 11:33:09

Muffins, flap jacks, brownies.
Hungry now!!

SchoolNightWine Fri 22-Sep-17 11:36:25

This is a simple cake to do. Easiest if you've got 5 and 6 sided cutters, but you could make templates out of cardboard to mark the cake with.

just5morepeas Fri 22-Sep-17 12:21:05

Mary Berry's Ultimate Cakes has tons of traybake recipes.

How about Lemon Drizzle - it's just a simple cake with lemon juice and sugar mixed together and poured on top of still warm cake if I remember right - always scrummy.

You could do a rocky road if you fancy something that doesn't need baking.

Cookies are always popular.

SheSparkles Fri 22-Sep-17 18:31:23

Thanks for the ideas-tray bakes it is! In disposable foil trays 😉

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