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Gluten free banana cake recipe please!

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Thesunrising Tue 27-Sep-16 22:02:27

I've never cooked a gluten free cake before and I'm a bit bewildered. Can anyone suggest a no-fail recipe for Banana cake/bread/loaf that I can try please?

Preferably one that has sultanas in and possibly low sugar too?

Bit of a tall order but any help greatly appreciated!

bellakinnies Wed 28-Sep-16 06:27:13

Just buy doves farm gluten free flour and replace with normal smile

You could try coconut sugar as an alternative to refined.

PandasRock Wed 28-Sep-16 06:42:53

The bbc good food sugar free banana bread recipe is fine made with gluten free flour (and also fine made dairy free too).

It is completely no-fail, quick and easy.

PandasRock Wed 28-Sep-16 06:45:04

link for banana bread.

My dc have his for breakfast often as they hate cereal.

Thesunrising Wed 28-Sep-16 13:32:19

Brilliant! Thanks for the advice and link. I'm going to try it this afternoon.

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