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What cocoa powder do you use

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Kc1009 Mon 05-Sep-16 16:59:01

I am desperate to make a mouth watering chocolate cake. Can any one recommend a nice cocoa powder that I can purchase as I think the Ones I use are not very good.

Thank you.

TheFirie Tue 06-Sep-16 02:45:27

I make a version of the French chocolate coulant cake which is quite mouth watering and plate licking but not with cocoa powder but dark baking chocolate. Maybe it is more an issue of recipe than brand.

Tartyflette Tue 06-Sep-16 02:51:18

You need a good, dark one, unsweetened and deffo not drinking chocolate. Green and Blacks do one that is good but I would probably use a 70 pct cocoa solids dark chocolate bar rather than cocoa powder.
If you google Felicity Cloake 'how to make the perfect chocolate cake' (the Guardian) she goes through, and tests, various options, then gives the best recipe.

drigon Tue 06-Sep-16 04:01:44

Lidl has a lovely cocoa and I have used a delicious recipe on AllRecipes for Moist Chocolate cake before. I think the substantial amount of milk in the recipe stops the dryness you often get with choc cake.

WellErrr Tue 06-Sep-16 04:05:17

Cadburys drinking chocolate and it's lovely.

BigGreenOlives Tue 06-Sep-16 05:06:28

Either Green & Blacks or the Cadbury's cocoa in a tin. Hot chocolate powder is sweetened and has milk powder in it so not nearly as intense. There is often coffee in dark chocolate cakes, I make one which has cocoa, mixed with coffee & which also has sour cream in it. Another very chocolatey cake is the Lorraine Pascale recipe for a chocolate cake decorated with Maltesers.

AnUtterIdiot Sat 24-Sep-16 20:38:51

I used to think that Green & Blacks was the best, but Morrison's own is just as good and incredibly cheap.

SwedishEdith Sat 24-Sep-16 20:40:57

What are you using OP?

Pestilence13610 Sat 24-Sep-16 20:47:42

I used to use Morrisons own brand.
Now our middle size store has stopped stocking homebrand and Bournville.
Green & Blacks is the only one they have. It's nice, but not very different to the others, that were cheaper.

Kc1009 Sun 25-Sep-16 13:02:14

After recommendations I bought the greens and blacks and I have to say it was lovely. The receipe I choose was far to much for what I wanted but ended up making a large cup cake. Family loved it.

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