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leftover condensed milk...?

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HappyHeart87 Mon 01-Feb-16 13:40:49

I've got about 70g leftover condensed milk. Any suggestions for what to do with it?

AnneLovesGilbert Mon 01-Feb-16 13:47:44

Tiny key lime pie?

ChuckitintheBucket Mon 01-Feb-16 13:48:51

Eat it.

Sadik Mon 01-Feb-16 13:54:21

On porridge?
Or a friend used to eat it on toast!

Piffpaffpoff Mon 01-Feb-16 13:59:52

Spoon. Mouth. Repeat. grin

HappyHeart87 Mon 01-Feb-16 15:40:43

Thanks for the suggestions you crazy folks. Think I'd throw up if I ate all that with a spoon! Might try the porridge malarkey.

There was that lady on First Dates who put it in her tea....

SweepTheHalls Mon 01-Feb-16 15:42:18

Millionaire shortbread?

MissBattleaxe Mon 01-Feb-16 15:43:23

Heat it up to make caramel sauce for ice cream. It might just be enough for a few servings. Or one, if you're me.

Imnotaslimjim Mon 01-Feb-16 15:47:20

Heat it and add equal quantity of milk chocolate, stir til combined and leave to set. Simple, 3 minute fudge

Sadik Mon 01-Feb-16 15:47:40

A few years back café bombón was all the rage where we used to live - basically start with an espresso coffee and slowly pour in an equal quantity of condensed milk so that it settles out & looks pretty. Then stir up & drink.

I actually rather like condensed milk in tea blush, I used to drink it that way all the time when we were doing a big building project & didn't have a fridge (or indeed a kitchen) but I reckon it's very bad for your teeth especially if you drink as much tea as I do grin

UsainWho Mon 01-Feb-16 15:48:31

Tray bake with digestives and chocolate?

HappyHeart87 Tue 02-Feb-16 22:44:35

Just revisited this thread. Loving these ideas, thanks so much.

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