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banana bread disaster

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Tweetypie100 Sun 24-Jan-16 20:57:17

Made banana bread just now and while I'm usually ok with it, it's come out doughy all over. Not doughy in the middle like most people complain, but the whole loaf is heavy and dense. I followed a recipe, did i not get the ratio of banana to flour right? Added two bananas and 285g flour...

ceeveebee Sun 24-Jan-16 21:01:47

We made one today too! Mary Berry recipe We used 3 small bananas and 225g Sr. Flour, 100g butter, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp milk, 1 tsp baking powder and 175g sugar. Oven 170 for 1 hour. Was delicious

Feeches Sun 24-Jan-16 21:09:07

I personally would chuck in an extra banana depending on the size but it sounds like you've made it before without any problems.

My recipe is 250 g of flour and 3 medium sized bananas. I also use about 125 mls of milk plus a couple of eggs, taking care not to overmix. This usually comes out quite well. Apart from the time I used too much bicarbonate of soda. Bleugh!

Borninthe60s Sun 24-Jan-16 21:37:36

Serve it warm with custard.

Tweetypie100 Sun 24-Jan-16 21:59:42

How odd - I used two large bananas...I'll definitely need to try again. I don't get it. Maybe I didn't measure the flour right...hmm

ceeveebee Sun 24-Jan-16 22:00:50

Just checking - you did use SR flour?

Allalonenow Sun 24-Jan-16 22:05:55

Slice it thinly, butter, add some spices and make bread and butter pudding with it.
The end of the banana as we know it is in sight, so don't waste it!

ouryve Sun 24-Jan-16 22:12:20

No more bananas?!

It's pretty much the only fruit I can eat without paying for it for the rest of the day. How will I start my mornings without a banana on top of my breakfast?

Definitely check your flour - and that you remembered to add a little bicarb.

I use pretty much the proportions listed above (apart from less sugar), but melt the butter and make muffins. It's always light.

Tweetypie100 Mon 25-Jan-16 09:42:55

@ceeveebee no used plain and baking powder - is that where I could have gone wrong?

ceeveebee Mon 25-Jan-16 10:14:18

Possibly - I am no expert baker but every recipe I've seen for banana loaf is SR flour and baking powder.

LizKeen Mon 25-Jan-16 10:27:48

What is happening to banana's?

Any banana bread I have ever made has been quite dense. I thought that was the way it should be.

LaCerbiatta Mon 25-Jan-16 10:30:57

Did you remove it from the tin while still hot? It always goes dense when I do that.

ouryve Mon 25-Jan-16 10:39:09

The baking powder might have been not up to the job. It is in date?

Tweetypie100 Mon 25-Jan-16 14:58:51

Yes I did! DH was like oh I want some when it's done so I guess I rushed it out :blush

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