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Is this right ?

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Lenazabaglione Sun 13-Dec-15 09:22:45

Planning on making some chocolate muffins for tea with DC later. Reading through recipe to check I have all the ingredients, I see it says 1 tbsp baking powder. Does that sound right? It seems a lot. Recipe is for 6 muffins. I'm a fair to middling baker so hoping someone with more experience might be be able to set me straight! confused


Bunbaker Sun 13-Dec-15 09:23:32

That does sound wrong to me. Can you link to the recipe?

Lenazabaglione Sun 13-Dec-15 10:44:24

I'll try - it's one I've saved to Evernote from a magazine, so here goes

TyrionLannistersShadow Sun 13-Dec-15 10:50:14

That definitely looks like a typo to me, I have never put a table spoon of baking powder in anything, I think it would rise massively then collapse with that. I would use a teaspoon, that's the more usual amount, in my limited experience!

VulcanWoman Sun 13-Dec-15 10:52:05

Yes, that sounds ok. If you have self raising flour you can leave baking powder out.

VulcanWoman Sun 13-Dec-15 10:54:41

I make about 12 muffins and put 2 tablespoons in, they turn out great.

Bunbaker Sun 13-Dec-15 11:06:55

I agree that it must be a typo. Just use 1 teaspoon.

Lenazabaglione Sun 13-Dec-15 13:52:49

Thanks everyone. Tried it with just 1 teaspoon of baking powder and they came out perfectly.

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