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Anyone made a courgette cake

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flushingfreda Sat 11-Jul-15 21:55:48

Just interested to know as we have a glut on the allotment and I have Mary Berrys recipe does it really taste ok?

LammilyDoll Sat 11-Jul-15 21:58:29

No, it doesn't taste "okay" . . . it tastes absolutely delicious!

OhtoblazeswithElvira Sat 11-Jul-15 22:01:58

I have. Perfectly normal sponge smile to my surprise. In terms of taste, you wouldn't have been able to tell it apart from a non-courgette cake. It was a bit more springy than my usual cakes (yay!) and had an ever-so-slight greenish tinge (if you looked really hard).

jealous of glut

MrsMarigold Sat 11-Jul-15 22:05:30

delicious my mother used to do a chocolate courgette cake it was amazing - moist, chocolatey and nutty

BL00CowWonders Sat 11-Jul-15 22:06:33

There's one in MN recipes. Delicious smile

OlivesAreLush Sat 11-Jul-15 22:07:20

I make courgette and cheese muffins. They are so light and fluffy. We eat them fresh from the oven with a smear of butter for breakfast.

Tiredoftiredness Sat 11-Jul-15 22:08:27

Lovely, very moist! Needs eating in a day or 2 though I find

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Sat 11-Jul-15 22:09:36

Yep, they are lovely smile However, one I once made with an orange flavoured cream cheese topping (from the recipe) was the most hideously sickly thing I've ever tasted -due to the topping

flushingfreda Sun 12-Jul-15 06:52:39

Thanks for all your replies I will give it a go.

TheSwallowingHandmaiden Mon 05-Oct-15 00:17:14

The BBC Good Food chocolate & courgette cake is sublime.

Tweetypie100 Mon 25-Jan-16 15:00:37

I want to try this to redeem myself from banana bread catastrophe

Can anyone recommend any tips before I start?

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