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Help me cobble together a cake for dd's 4th in August!

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Lioninthesun Tue 28-Apr-15 21:24:41

She has asked for a cake with Elsa, Anna and Aerial on top holding hands. Today she said the cake should be pale blue...
This is what I have to work with.

I was looking at Elsa cakes where the doll slides into the cake and wondering if I can do something like that with all three of them christ on a bike which seemed a little ambitious!

I am of the opinion she would love a princess castle cake too but am scared to mention it now as it will probably add to the workload grin

Has anyone done anything like this before? I was wondering about an easy option of miniature dolls of the characters for the top of the cake and maybe a mini castle behind them? Help!

Thank goodness I have a few months to prepare!

MTBMummy Wed 29-Apr-15 13:08:24

Sounds like DD's cake requests

She asked for a Frozen cake for her last birthday, I made a simple 3 tier sponge with a light blue layer in the middle, then made a light blue fondant to cover the cake, and topped it off with white chocolate snowflakes.

Just melt the chocolate, place in a piping bag allow to cool a little and then under a sheet of baking parchment place some printed off snowflakes and pipe the shape on top of the parchment, use a little chocolate or butter cream to stick them on the cake.

I lack and artistic ability so I always revert to using dolls but if you're feeling brave try this guide

Also note you can freeze fondant decorations for at least a month before you need them

steppemum Wed 29-Apr-15 13:11:39

depends on if you actually want to do it in cake or not.

I would do a lovely castle - loads of sparkly glitter icing all over and then buy 3 small dolls all standing on top holding hands.

I bought clear icing gel and glitter from a cake shop last Christmas. You mix a drop of blue into the gel and cover it all with the glitter and it looks amazing as ice

Stealthsquiggle Wed 29-Apr-15 13:15:08

I made a frozen cake - 3 different colour layers, sparkly pale blue buttercream all over, with shards of blue ice (isomalt sheet which I shattered) on the top - added birthday girls little figurines. That could work with assorted princesses. Unless you are a whizz at making models then princesses are very difficult - especially the adult versions (I did see some toddler princess figures on Pinterest which looked a bit more doable) so I would say that plastic figurines would be the way to go.

Lioninthesun Thu 30-Apr-15 01:37:57

I love the idea of the clear gel, blue rainbow cake (dd asked for that too but I did one for her 1st so this is a good twist!) and the piped snowflakes - thank you all!

I think figurines are a must. I've seen a couple and think I will order those first for size checking. I think I will attempt a castle behind them and use the clear gel. Does anyone have a simple castle hack (not holding my breath but hoping pouring clear gel into ice/cake mould might work?) TIA

PerspicaciaTick Thu 30-Apr-15 01:48:11

By August she'll probably want an Adventure Time cake, or Paddington, or My Little Ponies.
She'll deny every mentioning a Frozen cake.
<bitter voice of experience>

Lioninthesun Thu 30-Apr-15 02:22:06

It could happen! However dd has been asking to wear her Elsa dress daily since last September (esp in snow) and we're on to the second one for this reason. She is obsessed and wants me to figure out how she gets 'ice powers' sadly doesn't want the power of kindness as I suggested instead

PerspicaciaTick Thu 30-Apr-15 02:27:09


marshmallowpies Thu 30-Apr-15 03:17:55

I did a plain white cake & coloured the fondant light blue to make lettering of DD's name, and her age. Then had the figurines on top. I was also going to add rice paper snowflakes but couldn't find where I hid the damn things. So they're lurking somewhere in the house....

Araisaris Fri 01-May-15 22:32:55

My only castle cake hack is to use iced ice cream cones upside down as turrets.

Cornishblues Mon 29-Jun-15 17:36:43

Our local Lakeland had a frozen themed pack of sprinkles etc recently- didn't look too closely but was all white/blue snowflakes and such like.

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