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Gluten free cake recipe

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Nocturne123 Fri 16-Jan-15 10:26:00

Does anyone have a nice gluten free cake or biscuit recipe ?

My friend is coming to stay and I'd like to make her something .

I've never made any gluten free cakes before so I've no idea what the consistency is like at all .

I'll have a look on Pinterest too but was just looking for something tried and tested.

smoothieooo Fri 16-Jan-15 10:34:37

I made one for a friend on Tuesday and it was a huge hit and really easy. As long as you have gluten free flour, you can basically use any cake recipe. Mine is:

8oz Doves Farm g/f s/r flour
8oz margerine
6oz caster suger
4 eggs
tspn vanilla essence
heaped tspn cocoa powder
Galaxy chocolate bar, broken up into small chunks

Cream the marg and suger, sift in the flour and cocoa powder, add the eggs and vanilla essence and mix until smooth. Add the small chunks of choc, mix, transfer to a buttered or lined cake tin and bake on around 160 / gas 4 for around 45 mins.

I also made a buttercream icing and stuck some choc orange balls on top and some white choc stars. Twas lovely!

Nocturne123 Fri 16-Jan-15 10:46:12

That sounds fab thanks so much ! My mouth is watering . I'll go get some gluten free flour today .

Pretty sure I'll need to do a practice run this weekend . For experience purposes only obviously

smoothieooo Fri 16-Jan-15 11:54:01

Do it! Lemon drizzle is another good 'un - made using the basic sponge mix and adding the zest and juice of a lemon (I also add a big dollop of lemon curd). Then, when cooked and cooled a little, make some holes in the top with a skewer and drizzle a mix of lemon juice and caster sugar. Your friend will adore you!

Nocturne123 Fri 16-Jan-15 14:20:10

Oh I love a lemon drizzle . That's what I'm hoping .

I'm trying to sweeten her up for the 2 nights of no sleep she will get . grin

bruffin Fri 16-Jan-15 14:36:20

The orange gluten free cake in the Great British Bakeoff book is lovely. Only problem I had my ds who has nut allergy and my nieces boyfriend who is Coeliac . The ingredients are polenta and ground almonds so DS had to lose out, but he got chrismas cake instead.

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