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Foil former for large fondant shape?

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BarbaraManatee Tue 09-Dec-14 13:12:29

Is there any reason why I can't make some rough shapes out of foil & cover them with fondant? I want to make a Snoopy-themed gingerbread house but I'm concerned that Snoopy will be too heavy if he's entirely fondant. I know when making polymer clay shapes it's possible to form them around a foil core to make them lighter - has anyone tried it with fondant?

Tinkerball Tue 09-Dec-14 20:12:37

No but I've made a tree house out if cardboard and coveted it with fondant before. I just covered it in cling film first to stop the fondant touching the cardboard.

Pooka Tue 09-Dec-14 20:21:23

I've modelled with rice crispie cake (sort of like sculpting once set in a cube) and then covered with fondant.

BarbaraManatee Tue 09-Dec-14 21:36:12

Interesting ideas, thanks! I think I'll give it a go with foil & see what happens... I've got a few days leeway if I need an alternative!

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