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Where did I go wrong - iced biscuits going soft?

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balancingfigure Wed 19-Nov-14 09:41:09

So made some plain butter biscuits which I cook relatively often and they are always nice and crisp. Stored them in an airtight container over night and then iced with royal icing, mostly flood iced (I'm not very good at it but improving!). I then put them in the larder some on a tray and some on a rack for the icing to dry. The next day when I came to add other decorations although the icing had hardened nicely the biscuits were really soft. Left them to dry again (the ones that didn't disintegrate!) and now they've been put back in a tin they have slightly hardened but they're still quite soft.

I did some a few months ago and didn't have this problem and so I'm not sure what went wrong.

Any ideas? I was hoping to do some as Christmas gifts but that's no good if they go soft!

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