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How disgusting is your baking tonight?

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SixImpossible Fri 31-Oct-14 12:49:21

Wormy, rotten cupcakes (the sponge is grey inside).

SixImpossible Fri 31-Oct-14 18:03:23

Guess I'm the only putrid cook tonight.

doradoo Fri 31-Oct-14 18:17:16

no pics yet but mine's red velvet cake with fake blood splattered over cream cheese icing.......

MrsCosmopilite Fri 31-Oct-14 18:21:37

I have green puffy witches fingers baking right now...

SixImpossible Fri 31-Oct-14 21:07:54

My werewolves have returned, full of sweets, and still wanted to eat the zombie cupcakes!

Please post pics of your disgusting cooking grin

doradoo Sat 01-Nov-14 17:20:28

Here are the 'Dexter' inspired creations.....

SixImpossible Sat 01-Nov-14 17:50:20


How did you make the blood?

doradoo Sat 01-Nov-14 18:10:20

The blood was 3 parts syrup to one part water, red colour a few drops of blue colour and cocoa powder to thicken/make it opaque - was lovely gloopy and sticky and it tasted awesome too!!

MrsCosmopilite Sat 01-Nov-14 19:01:59

Here are the fingers...

Tinkerball Sun 02-Nov-14 11:52:46

Dorado that's the blood recipe I used, very realistic! I had corn syrup as someone had got it for their recipe did you use glen syrup? Always wondered of it would turn out just as well!

Tinkerball Sun 02-Nov-14 11:54:22

I meant golden syrup of course! And it was for a cake I did in the past, the blood on my brain here is just food colouring! Strictly it's not a cake just jelly and evap milk but I think it's pretty grotty!

SixImpossible Sun 02-Nov-14 16:42:45

[Shock] How did you get the shape right? Do you have a brain mould <boggles>

doradoo Sun 02-Nov-14 18:39:51

Tinkerall I used corn syrup as I had some from the US - you can use golden though too according to my googling!

Tinkerball Sun 02-Nov-14 19:39:00

Yes its a plastic brain mould, Asda were selling them for a £1!

I might just invest in corn syrup as I need it for ice shards for a Frozen cake now to smile

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