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Help! Need to make a paintball themed cake for next Sunday.

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Girolle Mon 25-Aug-14 21:11:57

Could any of you experts give me some advice on making a paintball themed cake to feed approx 15. I was thinking of covering it in green and then adding some paintball splats and attempting to make a paintball gun/figure.

What is best to use to cover the cake - sugar paste or fondant icing (i'm a bit confused) and how do I achieve this. Do you have any recommendations for good suppliers/brands of coloured fondant? I'm not having much joy when I googled it.

Thanks in advance!!

Tinkerball Thu 28-Aug-14 11:43:26

Google paintball cake and press images, you will get loads, this is what I do when I'm looking for cake ideas and then I just copy bits!

If I'm looking for white icing I usually just buy the blocks out of Asda or Morridons, Asda also have couloured ones to. Sometimes I dye white with food paste but usually I just buy Renshaws coured icing off EBay.

Tinkerball Thu 28-Aug-14 11:45:23

Firstly cover your cake with a thin layer if buttercream icing (300g icing sugar, 175g unsalted butter and a teaspoon of vanilla paste is the recipe I use ) to act as a crumb coat the fondant will stick to. You will need to roll this out and then transfer to your cake.

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