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Please can you recommend a good book for dairy free cakes and biscuits?

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Mercythompson Thu 24-Jul-14 13:43:52

I want to make dairy free cakes and biscuits. Never have before, which recipie books should I be buying?

Many thanks

zobey Thu 24-Jul-14 15:49:53

If u use vitalite then this recipy is dairy free. Made it for my dairy intolirant daughter. 3 flour, 2 sugar and 1 vitalite. Cream sugar and butter together then add the flour. Cook till golden brown. X

CMOTDibbler Thu 24-Jul-14 15:58:01

if you buy dairy free fat (my preference is Trex, but have also used Vitalite, block Stork, and the block Kosher margarine) and soy or rice milk, then you can use any recipe.

For buttercream, a mixture of soft and hard dairy free margarine works well for me

Mercythompson Thu 24-Jul-14 22:21:25

Thank you, any recipe books you would recommend?

WhizzFucker Thu 24-Jul-14 22:25:56

Another Dinner is Possible - this is great, not just cakes and biscuits either.

CMOTDibbler Fri 25-Jul-14 11:34:51

I have a copy of the Ms Cupcake book which is vegan, and most have gf options, and the recipes are lovely

NerfHerder Wed 13-Aug-14 21:37:20

I think it's this one- red velvet and chocolate heartache that has lots of 'healthier' cake recipes in.

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