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Either freezable or tidy-to-eat cake/biscuit recommendations?

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Lovage Thu 17-Jul-14 22:17:20

I have some people coming round for tea and cake next week. I'm not sure how many of them will show-up (minimum 4, maximum 14) so I expect I will over-cater. Which is fine except we are going on holiday the next day. So I need a selection of baked goods that either we can take with us and eat on the journey (=minimal crumbs/icing/stickiness) or that will freeze well. I also have very minimal time and energy for baking these, although I do bake lots so my standards of what's bother are probably fairly high (?low - I mean I don't find baking bother per se)

I was thinking of fruit cake + flapjack + a lighter cake (maybe lemon drizzle) but I'm always making those three and fancy something different. Chocolate brownies? Biscuits?

What would you do?

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