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Which cake recipe is best for a BIG cake tin?

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CobOnTheCorn Sun 13-Jul-14 10:23:41

So, I'm making a version of this cake in my 24cm x 35cm tin.

Ideally I'll bake the cake today, freeze it and decorate it next weekend. What type of cake will be best to hold together? I normal make this but would this be better?

Or Nigella's birthday cake?

And how do I get the right quantities for this size?

nannycook Sun 13-Jul-14 21:52:55

Hi, I put use a 6 egg recipe, and 12ozs of everything else, did it the other day.

CobOnTheCorn Sun 13-Jul-14 22:11:02

Thanks for coming to my rescue nannycook

nannycook Mon 14-Jul-14 22:06:10

How did it turn out cob on the corn?

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