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World Cup themed cake needs a home!

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RainDancer Sat 28-Jun-14 12:40:12

This is a long shot, but am wondering if anyone could make use of World Cup themed football cake I made yesterday for my daughters sports day today. It was cancelled because of weather so no need for the cake! Seems a shame for it to go to waste - I'm in Surrey (border of West Sussex) so if anyone can think of anyone that can use it please PM me. Don't think I can gift it to a kids hospice or anything as I suspect they have rules about that sort of thing being received from an unknown source!!

Lweji Sat 28-Jun-14 18:35:18

Not helpful, but can't you eat it?
Ebay with Buy it now!?
Or Freecycle. smile

CheeryName Sat 28-Jun-14 18:36:32

Oh what a shame! Cake looks great. Get the neighbours round smile

PandaG Sat 28-Jun-14 18:37:59

wow - fantastic cake! What a shame event was cancelled. Do you/partner work in an office with a few people? Bet if you took it in on Monday and raffled it in aid of the school you'd get a fair few punters.

RainDancer Sat 28-Jun-14 18:43:33

Ha Lweji! We could have eaten it, but way too much cake for two adults and a toddler, so it seemed like a waste. Dropped it off this afternoon at a local children's hospice - 'twas much appreciated :-)

cookielove Sat 28-Jun-14 18:44:18

Omg i wish I was near you, it looks so good!!

cookielove Sat 28-Jun-14 18:44:48

Tell it was fruit cake, then I won't be disappointed anymore!

mynameisnotmichaelcaine Sat 28-Jun-14 18:45:14

Good for you, hope they enjoyed it!

Lweji Sat 28-Jun-14 18:47:02

And you sound lovely. smile

RainDancer Sat 28-Jun-14 20:01:45

:-) Sorry cookie, it was a rather lovely Madeira ;-)

cookielove Sat 28-Jun-14 22:39:05

Saddened as I need cake, glad it went to a good home!

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