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Recipe for fondant fancies

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Ineedmystrengthback Sun 15-Jun-14 08:57:38

I am looking for a good recipe for fondant fancies that I can make at home.
Does any-one have a recipe that they could recommend?

LittleMissDisorganized Fri 20-Jun-14 15:08:01

I made these with suggestions from my friend who had also had a try...
Make an ordinary square cake - not too deep, remember you want cubes.

Cut it into squares a little over an inch in diameter. Make a small amount of plain vanilla buttercream - make it on the stiff side, and use a teaspoon to make sure it has a round surface facing upwards.

[I'm assuming you know, or have easy access to simple recipes, to make these things]

I made fondant icing from fondant icing sugar - my friend (and Mary Berry!!) waters down solid fondant with water using a food mixer - I think that's more of a faff to be honest but MB is clearly the authority on subjects baking!! So make thick bright fondant icing. Space out your cubes and plop a spoonful on top. Once they are all done, dilute it down a bit and drizzle more over to cover the sides (they look messy at this point). Melt a few squares of dark chocolate and artistically drizzle back and forth over the dried fancies.

Voila! (here they are sharing an afternoon tea thing I did for some friends!

SundayLieIn Fri 20-Jun-14 15:13:38

I have made them before from a recipe in a tesco checkout magazine (think it might have been a mothers day present idea, from memory) and they turned out very well, and were worth the fiddle.

The recipe is here

Ineedmystrengthback Sun 22-Jun-14 08:43:04

Littlemissdisorganised they look fantastic! Thanks for sharing your tips too, yes I do have the recipes to support and do bake a lot but couldn't quite get my head together with how to make these.

Thank you for the link Sundayliein I have book marked it.

I am inspired now to go and make these and have afternoon tea in the sunshine.

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