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Help! Birthday cake suitable for a diabetic 2 year old...

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SuzySheepSmellsNice Wed 11-Jun-14 22:14:01

The age thing is a mixed blessing at the moment as his levels shoot up and down. Thanks for the advice though smile

I was coming on to add my comments but Brambles has pretty much summed it up!
My DH has T1 and was diagnosed aged 8 and like Brambles, carb counting was the best thing for him! (he doesn't have a pump though)
He gets a bit cross when people assume/tell him he shouldn't be eating certain things. He gets irrational rage at 'Diabetic' ice cream/jam/chocolate etc at the supermarket.

It will be bloody hard work for your family, but will get easier, especially as he is so young, he won't remember any different.

SuzySheepSmellsNice Tue 10-Jun-14 12:48:25

Oh thanks very much. It's all a bit confusing and overwhelming at first, but I'm sure we will get there XXx

Bramblesinforrin Sun 08-Jun-14 22:16:23

The most helpful thing for us was also learning about carb counting - then we could match the insulin he needed to the food he wanted to eat. Having a pump meant that we could give the smaller increments we couldn't do with injections.

It's early days at the moment, but it will get easier.

Bramblesinforrin Sun 08-Jun-14 22:15:07

Hi Suzy. Sorry to hear of the diagnosis. Don't worry, people with t1 can eat everything that anyone can eat. To be honest he may be so excited at his party that a birthday cake will help to keep his levels 'up'

It's lovely that you're thinking of doing this.

Should the family want further support and information they could try the lovely people at

My son was diagnosed aged seven. He's 14 now and using a pump, which has been a godsend. People like you being thoughtful and still wanting to be with him and do nice things helped to keep me sane. X

SuzySheepSmellsNice Sun 08-Jun-14 21:59:43

* bump *

SuzySheepSmellsNice Sun 08-Jun-14 21:40:35

My nephew has been diagnosed with type one diabetes and with birthday season starting in my family (at least one a month from May to January!) I need a nice recipe so he can join in still. Can anyone help pls? smile cake

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