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Malteaser cake...?

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Wigeon Sun 08-Jun-14 17:07:58

I think I'm going to make a malteaser cake for DD's 6th birthday, with the main cake being chocolate, sandwiched with caramel buttercream, covered in white and milk chocolate malteasers, with white and milk chocolate fingers round the outside. I think the floating malteasers in this photo look good too. Couple of questions:

What sort of wire do you use for the floating malteasers and where do you get it?

Where can you get white malteasers?! We have a large Tesco and Asda nearby, and a medium sized Sainsburys. Or somewhere random like Wilkinsons?!


Casey123 Sun 08-Jun-14 20:14:54

Malteser cake is a favourite in our house, only just polished one off last Wednesday for dad-in-laws birthday! Ooo yours sounds a little more extravagent with caramel buttercream and white maltesers though..but mmm!

I'm not too sure on the wire situation, is there a cake shop near you that you could visit for advice?

Doesn't help but waitrose definitly sell white maltesers! It goes completely against a malteser cake but if you run out of time to find some white chocolate maltesers you could use white chocolate buttons.

Tinkerball Sun 08-Jun-14 21:00:44

You will get the wire on EBay, I got some on cake

blueberryboybait Sun 08-Jun-14 21:06:01

You can get the wires from most kitchen/cake supply shops. They come in different gauges - the higher the number the thinner the wire - I would reckon you would need a 22 or 24 to hold the weight of the malteaser without it just bending over on itself. If you heat the end of the wire, the paper burn off but the hot wire melts the chocolate and malty filling and holds itself in place better. You may also want to ben a small (tiny) loop in the end of the wire so it will hold the malteaser in place and they won't randomly fall off!

sharond101 Sun 08-Jun-14 21:55:32

Not sure about maltesers but Asda currently have white chocolate aero balls which might do the job?

Wigeon Mon 09-Jun-14 13:08:28

Thanks very much for replies! Found some of that wire in Hobbycraft (didn't even know it existed, so thank you blueberryboybait - and thank you for the tips on how to use it - very helpful.

Large Tescos doesn't have white malteasers so will try Waitrose next.

cake and thanks

CeramicUnicorns Mon 09-Jun-14 13:10:46

How do you make caramel buttercream? Sounds amazing!

Wigeon Mon 09-Jun-14 13:13:02

Weeeeelll, I've never actually made caramel buttercream, but my friend did for her DS's birthday (on cupcakes) and it was AMAZING, absolutely delicious, so I have been wanting to do it myself. She gave me this recipe from the Primrose Bakery cook book:

Caramel Buttercream Icing

60g unsalted butter
6 tbsp milk
220g light soft brown sugar
240g icing sugar, sifted
½ tsp vanilla extract
Double cream, as needed

Place the butter, milk and brown sugar in a saucepan over a high heat and stir to combine. Bring to the boil, stirring continuously, and allow to boil for 1 minute.

Remove from the heat and stir in half of the icing sugar. Leave the mixture to cool slightly, then add the remainder of the icing sugar and the vanilla extract and stir until it thickens to the desired consistency. Double cream can be added to think it as needed.

CeramicUnicorns Mon 09-Jun-14 13:48:02


oopsadaisyme Mon 09-Jun-14 14:02:18

Just realised I've been on a diet for way too long and off to the shop to buy every bag of malteasers I can find!

.....and a cake....and maybe some sort of buttercream....

It all sounds good right now!! smile

missmoffatt2705 Tue 10-Jun-14 16:41:17

Looking at the picture of the Malteser Cake, I think I can see a '1' and a '0' on wires - I guess it was a 10th birthday. Can anyone tell me how they would do this if I wanted to do same for a 40th party coming up?

nannycook Tue 10-Jun-14 19:46:11

Yes you can missmo, but you do need a posy pick, your not supposed to stick wires directly into a cake.

They can be bought cake Dec shops, they come in large and small.

nannycook Tue 10-Jun-14 19:49:30

I used some the other day to put some stars on a cake, about 6 I made so I small posy pick was fine, obviously you need to tell them they are in there.

missmoffatt2705 Thu 12-Jun-14 21:30:14

Nanny cook, thanks for that tip - I just googled 'posy pick' so I know what they are but how would I do the numbers - surely fondant would be too soft and pliable?

nannycook Thu 12-Jun-14 22:56:25

Missmo if you buy the modelling fondant it drys hard like a brick, it comes in 250 grms packs, I use that all the time too, I'll show you a cake I made last week mostly made with that fondant including the girl and the stars.

missmoffatt2705 Sat 14-Jun-14 22:10:52

Thanks for that Nannycook, cake looks fab!

Wigeon Sat 21-Jun-14 10:20:17

Today is MALTEASER CAKE DAY - and discovered earlier in the week that white malteasers have been discontinued! (After having been round several supermarkets to find them, in vain, decided to ring up the Mars confectionery helpline, where they said they'd discontinued them after Christmas. So am doing the cake with milk chocolate malteasers but white and milk chocolate fingers. Will post a photo when done!

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