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URGENT question regarding changing time and temperatures with 2 tins jnstead of one

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KEGirlOnFire Wed 04-Jun-14 21:49:56

I know, I've left it very late, but it has only just occurred to me!!

I have a two tiered cake to make tomorrow for my dd's birthday party in Friday. I am using my trusty Madeira cake recipe which is normally baked in one tin, but I am doing one half of each layer blue and one in the usual sponge colour hence I will be splitting usual mix into two tins instead of baking it in one.

So I've realised that the cooking times and oven temperature will need to be altered.

In the recipe, the 6" takes 1-1.15 minutes and the 8" takes 1.30-1.45 minutes when baking in one deep tin.

Bearing in mind this is a Madeira cake and not a standard Victoria sponge, I don't think using the times for a Victoria sponge would be right, would they?

In the deep tins it says the oven should be on 150c. I am assuming this will be higher in sandwich tins?

I have to start baking these first thing in the morning, so all advice gratefully received!!!

LizzieMint Wed 04-Jun-14 22:38:52

I always bake all my cakes at 150 anyway, regardless of whether I'm doing a deep one or a split one, so I'd stick with the same temp and just start checking them earlier - I'd go for about 45 mins and work from there.

KEGirlOnFire Thu 05-Jun-14 06:39:27

Thank you much, I will go with that.

4merlyknownasSHD Thu 05-Jun-14 10:50:02

45 mins sounds about right, but you may find that the 6" one cooks a little quicker than the 8" one. Being Madeira cake, once you have got to 30-35mins, you will be able to open the oven door and check how they are cooking (skewer test) without them collapsing.

KEGirlOnFire Thu 05-Jun-14 12:33:50

Ahhhh 4merly, I wish I'd read your post earlier... I think they've turned out OK but the 6" one I fear is a little bit overdone... I was too scared to open the door to check it in case it collapsed. I'll remember the 30 minute rule for next time though smile.

Also, they haven't turned out as deep as I thought they would. I was hoping to split each half into two so that I could have four layers for each tier (blue/white/blue/white) but I don't think I'm going to be able to. Oh well.

I will take note for next time though, thank you!!!

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