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How far in advance can I make models for the top of a cake?

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Mckayz Sat 31-May-14 11:17:09

DD is 2 on June 20th and although I am not 100% sure what am I doing yet I am tempted by a garden cake with ladybirds, bees etc.

Just wondering when I can make them? I don't know if they will be eaten. Maybe by my brother who loves eating large chunks of icing.


MaureenMLove Sat 31-May-14 11:19:58

Fonant icing will last for ever either in the fridge or not. Wouldn't fancy eating it after a couple of days though!

Mckayz Sat 31-May-14 12:02:20

Thanks Maureen, I think I'll do them a day or 2 before in case anyone wants to eat them.

LizzieMint Sat 31-May-14 19:31:58

Don't put fondant on the fridge, it will make it sweat. Jus make your models and leave them open to the air to dry out and they will last indefinitely. I've just thrown out a cake dummy and models I made a year ago as it was just starting to fade.

Tinkerball Sun 01-Jun-14 09:11:11

I would usually do them a week before to give them a chance to harden, don't put them in a fridge or a plastic box , I usually leave mine on baking part covered by more or a paper box.

Tinkerball Sun 01-Jun-14 09:11:36

Baking paper!

Mckayz Sun 01-Jun-14 10:50:05

Thanks everyone. smile

Perfectlypurple Sun 01-Jun-14 10:52:49

I do mine in advance. Agree don't put in fridge. If they need to be moved/bent into place on the cake don't make in advance.

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