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Best ever reliable 8inch choc sponge recipe please (must withstand fondant icing!)

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alabasterangel Fri 30-May-14 22:59:35

That's it really. Am great at decorating but hit and miss with the baking.

Made a choc cake last weekend with oil instead of butter and it was vile. Other butter attempts are dry and tasteless. Madeira has been known to be raw in the middle. Urgh.

Need to make a deepish 8inch choc cake (well, a pair for sandwiching) and need a recipe please. It'll need to withstand fondant icing but only needs to stay fresh for 2 days.

Make it easy for me, please?

ThinkingOfCake Sat 31-May-14 11:53:59

This is supposed to be good though I've not had a chance to try it.

lougle Sat 31-May-14 12:00:42

Paul Bradford rich chocolate cake is awesome. I made a 16"x14" version and it was beautiful. It freezes well, also. It's especially intended for carving/fondant icing.

FishWithABicycle Sat 31-May-14 12:08:21

I always use a massively easy recipe for chocolate cake from the Green&Black's chocolate cookbook.

Not only is it hugely simple to make, but it is also really structurally reliable and doesn't fall to crumbs while slicing and is moist and delicious. Ooh and I've just saved myself the effort of transcribing it with a quick google - someone else has put it online here

Nousernameforme Sat 31-May-14 12:08:31

My go to chocolate cake is
175 self raising
150 cAster sugar
2 tbsp cocoa powder
Large pinch of salt
2 eggs
150 ml milk
150 ml veg oil
2 tbsp golden syrup
Mix dry mix wet mix together
I do it in 2 7 inch sandwich pans for 20-30 mins

alabasterangel Sat 31-May-14 17:41:52

Thank you. Okay. Slight change of plan. Cake needs to ultimately be a Humpty Dumpty wall, so think I need to do something like a 22cm square cake. Cut it in half and stack, so its taller.

Given that the green and blacks version says it also suits a 9' square, I think I'll go for that.....

Thank you all!

alabasterangel Sat 31-May-14 17:48:34

fish - I made an oil cake last weekend and it was truly horrible. Was like mud in the middle! Reassure me this one is not too heavy?

biscuitnoodle Sat 31-May-14 17:54:04

Betty Crocker? grin

Monopolice Sat 31-May-14 17:55:55

Mary Berry's oil cake - I think it's the American one can be iffy but her Sunday best chocolate fudge is fantastic - as is the fudge icing.

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