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Cake help???

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khadra2001 Mon 26-May-14 15:26:49

she is gonna be 10 in a few days

chocoluvva Mon 26-May-14 14:12:30

You're welcome.

How old is your DD?

khadra2001 Mon 26-May-14 12:19:54

Thank you!

chocoluvva Sun 25-May-14 18:06:23

Basic Victoria sandwich is 8oz each of SR flour, caster sugar, butter and 4 eggs.

Beat the sug and butter together with an electric beaters until mix is pale and fluffy, break eggs into same bowl and beat them with beaters then add sifted flour and mix.

Bake in two 7inch round tins for 25-30 mins at 180C.

When cool sandwich with buttercream icing and jam.

For a very quick cream sponge - beat 3eggs with 3oz sugar until thick and pale, carefully mix in 3oz of sieved flour and cook in two 7inch tins for 12-15mins at 175C.

Sandwich with whipped cream, jam and/or chopped fruit. Delicious but best eaten within 24-36 hours of baking.

khadra2001 Sun 25-May-14 13:21:13

So basically I want to make a cake for my daughters birthday has anyone got any recipes that I could use please?
thank you

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