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Help needed re freezing sponges

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CQ Mon 19-May-14 20:31:38

Hi, I have to make at least 2 cakes and some sausage rolls for school on Saturday. But tomorrow (Tues) is the only chance I'm going to get to do any baking.

2 questions:

Can I just bake the sponges and freeze them then defrost on Friday and put the jam & cream in? Will the sponges be dry?

I have sausage meat and pastry in the freezer. Can I defrost tomorrow, make the sausage rolls and refreeze them and then take them out of the freezer Friday night, into fridge and they'll have defrosted by Sat lunchtime?

All help gratefully received grinthanks

AGnu Mon 19-May-14 20:37:29

Sponge should be fine if completely cooled & well wrapped. I know a professional cake maker who does this. Cakes are also much easier to cover with butter icing when frozen. I'm making DS2's birthday cake for Sunday. I'll be making it on Friday, freezing it overnight & decorating it on Saturday.

Not sure about the sausage rolls but I'd have thought it'd be fine to defrost, cook & re-freeze. Don't reheat them if you're going to serve them cold though or make sure they're fully reheated if serving hot.

CQ Mon 19-May-14 20:49:47

Perfect, thanks AGnu. thanks

I thought as much but lack confidence in baking - don't do it very often.

I've never made sausage rolls before but it's just an assembly job really, isn't it?

And they won't be reheated - going to a sports marquee to be hoovered up by hungry teenage rowers and their parents so they won't sit around long!

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