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what is the difference between fondant icing and regalice? Plus a fairy themed cake question....

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Pos1 Sun 27-Apr-14 14:58:02


I'm relatively new to cake decorating - have mad a peppa pig cake with a model peppa from fondant which looked really good (if I'm allowed to say it myself) it was relatively easy as I found d a good online tutorial. I used white fondant icing which I rolled out plus some other colours for peppa etc.

My other daughter wants a fairy cake for her birthday. I was going to make a toadstool shape and decorate or make a round cake and a small toadstool to go on top, maybe with a fairy sat on top, so I hoped people would be able to help with the following questions

1) what is the difference between fondant and regalice? should I use fondant for the 3d model? if I wanted different colours do I buy already coloured fondant or already coloured regalice? or do I dye it? alternatively I can just stick to making buttercream but this wouldn't give the smooth finish I wanted...

2) I read about making a small toadstool using a pyrex for the domed top and a tin can for the stalk.... has anyone baked in either of these? its seems really odd to bake in pyrex, and even odder to use a tin van.......

3) can anyone recommend a step by step guide for fairy decorations? Or post any pics of cakes they have done?

4) Finally, my nephew who will be there always misses out as he doesn't really like the whole icing/sponge cake mix, finds it too sweet. he's a fruitcake type of child....can anyone recommend something small I can make for him in keeping with the theme- didn't really want to make fruit buns unless I could turn them in to something to do with the cake.......


olaflikeswarmhugs Sun 27-Apr-14 15:06:10

Can't answer all of your questions but I know your cake will definitely cook fine in a Pyrex bowl

Ladyhaha Sun 27-Apr-14 15:14:41

Hello, I can't help too much either but I did have a bit of a disaster making my daughter a toadstool cake as the top was too heavy for the base. I then stupidly added so much buttercream to try to hold it together that the top ended up sliding off and I had to bin it! The top cooked perfectly in a pyrex dish though. grin Sorry - don't mean to put you off, if you make a sturdy base and hold off on the buttercream I'm sure it will be fine! Also, I think regalice and fondant are the same -that's what I've used in the past to make character cakes. Good luck!

crazykat Sun 27-Apr-14 15:33:10

Regalice and fondent are the same thing. I would buy ready coloured as the colour is brighter and less messy.

I'm pretty sure cake decorating magazine had a step by step toadstool cake in.

Generally though to stack a cake you need dowels in the bottom and put the top on a thin cake board to support the weight.

crazykat Sun 27-Apr-14 15:54:36

Issue 28 of cake decorating had mini toadstool cakes and 63 had fairy toadstool cupcakes and there's also a fairy tale special issue. I've made a few of the cakes in these magazines and the instructions are really easy to follow.

LizzieMint Mon 28-Apr-14 09:16:45

Ooh, also meant to add, Debbie Brown has a couple of really good books with simple cake decorating projects in. She does one with a fairy toadstool cake in. I started out using her projects, really good and simple to follow.

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