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Gluten free burnt bottom in electric aga

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Flopsygrowsup Sat 26-Apr-14 09:24:12

We have just moved into a rented house with an electric aga. Last weekend I made a gluten free cake with a new recipe. Ground almonds and mash potato. Preheated oven, lined tin checked 5 mins before due 45 mins at 180. It took much longer stopped at 1hr 5 as the bottom was burnt. Took burn base off and cake was lovely but still fractionally undercooked - I assume the aga was too hot so will try again at 170 but wondered if I just wasn't using the aga properly

tb Sat 26-Apr-14 10:59:06

How many ovens do you have?

What setting do you have it on? I've got a 4-oven electric, and it's up to temperature when the setting is about no 6 on the dial.

If you have a temperature gauge, it sounds more like a Rayburn - about which I know absolutely nothing - except they're cheaper than Agas.

Often the best way is to put your cake tin on a grid shelf, rather than on the floor of an oven. You could try putting your tin on a baking tray - that might give a bit more insulation underneath the base of the tin.

Flopsygrowsup Sat 26-Apr-14 18:02:19


It's an aga has 4 oven (grill, simmer, fan, normal) and has a temperature gauge.

I put it on the rack shelf rather than the floor,


tb Mon 28-Apr-14 14:02:08

My electric Aga has 4 ovens - roasting, baking, simmering and warming, and no temperature gauge. I just have a thermometer on the front right-hand side, and a plate over it. Red and black ends, and a vertical line in the middle - I adjust the knob to have the mercury line from the thermometer on the vertical line. When that's done, all the ovens are at the right temperature.

Just had a look at the Aga site - sounds like an S-series to me, rather than a conventional Aga.

If you have a cold plain shelf, one way might be to put in at a temperature for a while, putting it on the cold plain shelf, then, after say 15-20 mins transferring the tin - still on the solid shelf to the top of the simmering oven for the remainder of the cooking time.

You could always email Aga, there is a very helpful lady there who can help with cake problems.

Sorry, can't remember her name.

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