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oh know cake disaster!!! it's had the recommended time but wet and uncooked inside still!!

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hulahoopsilove Tue 15-Apr-14 15:13:58

Cake definitely needs at least another 10 mins although its had its time - very wet inside grrrr...the only thing Ive changed from what I usually do is use Aldi SR Flour and Baking powder!!!!

hulahoopsilove Tue 15-Apr-14 15:15:01

I also didn't over whisk as heard on Rachel Allen yesterday that as soon as flour/gluton hits wet ingredients you need to get into the oven as it starts to work sad

LizzieMint Tue 15-Apr-14 15:19:07

I wouldn't worry about it, the recommended time is only a guide as things can vary so much. I bake my cakes at a low temp so they take probably twice as long as a recipe would suggest - just bake until it's done.

hulahoopsilove Tue 15-Apr-14 15:32:33

phew! its ok gave it a bit longer and its fine smile

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