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Rubbish cook baking a birthday cake

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Dodo76 Thu 06-Mar-14 22:13:01

DSs have their 6th and 4th birthdays coming up and I wanted to bake them each a cake to have at their birthday parties. They have around 15 guests each so ideally the cake will feed 15-20. I need a simple/easy recipe and advice about icing/decorations etc. Thank you!

nannycook Fri 07-Mar-14 07:56:44

Dodo, it depends how confident you are at decorating etc, you can make it as simple as you want or you can push the boat out, recipe is simple but what size tin were you thinking of? Oblong, round or square, did you want a buttercream cake or have you ever used fondant icing? I need abut more information so I can help you further, I make a lot of cakes and I'm trying to build up little business , so find out what you want to do first and we'll go from there.

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