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Birthday cake help

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elsielegallez Sun 26-Jan-14 22:03:32

This chocolate cake works brilliantly for birthday cakes!

Breadrollsbuns Wed 22-Jan-14 10:25:25

Thanks for taking the time to give me advice awfulmaureen, that all makes sense so I'll attempt a test case! thanks

AwfulMaureen Tue 21-Jan-14 22:19:00

Oh and cook one cake and then the other...otherwise one cake gets the best spot in the oven and rises more than it's fellow.

AwfulMaureen Tue 21-Jan-14 22:18:25

You should use a tin large enough to ensure all who will come can have a that depends on your party or gathering.

Make two cakes and sandwich....

You don't flatten the cake but you put the top layer upside the bottom becomes the top....then it's nice and flat.

You do need buttercream...that's your glue.

Easy one! grin Raa Raa on Ebay

Some people suggest Madera cake makes a better cake for decorating as it's firmer...but I've had no issues with sponge. If your topper is heavy or large, you push a small group of straws into the cake where the topper will sit...then cut the ends off so they don't stick out...that forms a strong base on top of which your topper sits...then it doesn't sink into your icing or cake. Do the straws after you've iced it.

Breadrollsbuns Tue 21-Jan-14 21:57:25

I'm going to attempt to make a birthday cake for DS1, who will be 3 in feb. Despite my username, I'm no baker, so would really appreciate some advice please!

I thought I'd go for something simple like a choc or vanilla cake with a ready made bright blue fondant icing background and maybe an attempt at a fondant raa raa cake topper (I'm thinking 2D, rather than 3D).

I have the following questions/worries:

1. (I'm a bit embarrassed to ask this!) Should I make one big cake, or would I be better to make 2 cakes and sandwich them together?
2. What size cake would be best?
3. Which tins should I get?
4. Do I need to flatten the cake before icing and, if so, what is the best technique?
5. Which would be the best type of cake to make (and filling)?
6. Do I need to cover the cake with buttercream before putting on the fondant icing?
7. Any suggestions for easy toppers?

Any advice and tips would be very much appreciated.. Sorry about the extensive questions but I'm panicking a bit grin

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